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If you're writing on Substack, get help with all your publishing, payments, and people questions here. Readers If you're reading on Substack, get help with your account, payments, and subscriptions here Substack, Inc; Readers; General; General. How do I redeem a free trial? I'm receiving double emails. What's happening? How do I create a password? I paid for a subscription but I'm listed as a free reader; How do I unsubscribe from a free subscription? How do I set up my reader profile? How do I get my emails out of the spam folder? How do I log in? How do I see a list of all my subscriptions. Earnings estimate calculated for 800 paying subscribers, priced $7/month. It is net of Substack and credit card fees. Actual subscriber counts and earnings may vary. How many subscribers could I get? It depends on how many people find value in what you're making. If you have a highly engaged email list, aim for 10% to become paid subscribers over time

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Driving the news: Substack has selected 12 journalists to be awarded $1 million total to jumpstart local newsletters on the platform — half of them coming from communities abroad. The new funding will support local newsletter journalists from Romania, Ghana, Brazil, U.K., Taiwan and Australia as they look to establish their publication and build a subscription base Glenn Greenwald. May 21. 625. Comment. 722. Share. Share. The Squad Enables Pelosi's Massive Capitol Police Spending Bill While Cynically Feigning Op. Three Squad members -- all of whom recently chanted Defund the Police -- had the power to kill a $1.9 billion increase in Capitol Police and security

Founded in 2017, Substack is based in San Francisco and backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Y Combinator, Fifty Years, and other great investors. We're building a better business model for writing. We're building a better business model for writing Even though our content will always be ungated and free—both in audio and written format—we join in the effort to support independent journalism. Substack also provides us with a crisp and simple interface to display the essays each episode is framed around. This is important because these essays double as a transcript for our show, which aids in our accessibility mission If you need support with the Substack platform, click here or email support@substack.com. To find out more about the company that provides this newsletter's technology, please visit Substack.com For support regarding your subscription or any payments please email . billing+sakeindustrynews@substack.com. The Sake Industry News Team . Founder - John Gauntner Chief Editor - Julian Houseman Head Researcher - Shima Enomoto Tech Support / Marketing - Jason Adamso

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  1. substack. published 0.1.4 • 9 years ago. https-detect. Description. Detect whether a stream is http or https and forward accordingly . Publisher. substack. published 0.0.0 • 10 years ago. fileify. Description. Browserify middleware to load entire files into javascript variables. Publisher. published 0.3.1 • 10 years ago. dnode-stack. Description. dnode middleware for processing web.
  2. Substack. 3,310 likes · 51 talking about this. Substack is a place for independent writing. Start a newsletter, build your community, and make money from..
  3. The Substack founders reached out to a small pool of writers in 2017 to acquire their first creators. Bill Bishop was among the first to put his newsletter, Sinocism, on Substack, providing his newsletter for $11 a month or $118 a year with daily content. As of 2019, Bishop's Sinocism was the top paid newsletter on the service
  4. Substack. 3,286 likes · 55 talking about this. Substack is a place for independent writing. Start a newsletter, build your community, and make money from... Substack is a place for independent writing
  5. Removing Substack fees. Because of how Stripe works, disconnecting will not prevent Substack from continuing to take a 10% commission on all existing subscriptions. Substack have an official policy that you can contact them before leaving to have these fees removed
  6. The next Substack Fellowship for Independent Writers. $100,000 for the top recipient. Four other fellows get advances of $25,000 each, plus stipends of $3,000, and special support from a team of.
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Hello! This week we talked with Joshua Leifer, an editor at Jewish Currents, about the ongoing military violence against Palestinian communities in Gaza this past month (for those keeping track, Josh helped organize that Jewish Current-TTSG webinar from two weeks ago!) (Tammy unfortunately had to sit out today's episode with a last-second conflict Substack. 3,259 likes · 58 talking about this. Substack is a place for independent writing. Start a newsletter, build your community, and make money from subscriptions. For support questions got to.. Substack defends itself: In a follow-up blog post on the Substack Pro system, the three founders of the company — Mackenzie, Best, and Jairaj Sethi — said that contrary to some of the criticism the service has received, it is not promoting anti-trans viewpoints. More than 30 writers have now signed Pro deals, they said, and they cover a range of issues including politics, climate change.

Substack Local, open to applicants from anywhere in the world, is designed to help writers start sustainable local news enterprises. This is not a grants program, nor is it inspired by philanthropic intent. Our goal is to foster an effective business model for independent local news that provides ample room for growth Axios reported on Tuesday that Substack is raising another $65 million in venture financing, which will give the newsletter-publishing platform a theoretical market value of $650 million. That's more than ten times what it was reportedly worth when it raised its first $15-million round of financing in 2019, which — like the latest round — was led. The New York Times quickly noted that no evidence could be found to support the speculation that Mateen was gay: F.B.I. investigators, who have conducted more than 500 interviews in the case, are continuing to contact men who claim to have had sexual relations with Mr. Mateen or think they saw him at gay bars. But so far, they have not found any independent corroboration — through his web searches, emails or other electronic data — to establish that he was, in fact, gay, officials said Contact Email hello@substack.com; Substack makes it simple for a writer to start an email newsletter that makes money from subscriptions. They provide web and newsletter publishing tools that are purpose-built for paid subscriptions. It also offers an all-in-one solution to help you get paid for your writing. Their tools will include easy-to-use editing software that can handle. the. Substack is an email service provider that empowers writers by giving us control over content distribution. Instead of relying on social media or search engine algorithms to control who gets to view your content, readers willingly subscribe to your list, and your content is delivered to their inboxes in a timely fashion. That said, most email service providers can probably market themselves as.

Substack is a subscription newsletter service that has recently won a lot of positive publicity for providing a home for journalists and others to build independent audiences in an era defined by. Substack Is a Scam in the Same Way That All Media Is. By Eric Levitz @EricLevitz. The newspaper was a bit like what we modern humans know as a Substack, only printed out. Photo: Ralph Morse. I've thrown my arms around an acquaintance, overjoyed to see each other, to be in contact. Certainly, there are people who know more about us than others, people we would turn to first, people we see as best friends. But affections, warmth, respect, laughter—these things are difficult to rank on a list. The reality is, different people bring different things to our lives. I realize how weird it is to accept a steady day job as a writer to support your pie-in-the-sky plans to practice medicine, yet here we are. From your perspective, the money works like this: if you like this blog, consider subscribing. $10/month or $100/year, which I hear is standard Substack rate. I already got a lot of subscriptions yesterday and I'm at zero risk of starving, but this will.

Sullivan's Substack quickly rose to become the fifth-most-read among paid subscriptions—he claimed that his income had risen from less than $200,000 at New York magazine to $500,000. When I. Substack doesn't support that. Every piece of content is just a blog post, so it's not like I could create a resource subdirectory on the site. Besides that, there was no simple way for me to do any optimization to the content. This is a basic audience development thing and I couldn't even do it. When we talk about our need for content to be more discoverable on Substack, this is.

Please share All . All Things Retail #8: Rules of the Road Welcome back and continued thanks for all of your support of All Things Retail. This issue will be a bit different, as we are focusing on one theme: pe. All Things Retail #7: After Profit, Margin is the Best Word in Retail It's hard to believe we are on Issue #7 already Alex Rubinstein is an independent reporter on Substack. You can subscribe to get free articles from him delivered to your inbox here, and if you want to support his journalism, which is never put behind a paywall, you can give a one-time donation to him through PayPal here or sustain his reporting through Patreon here Additionally, in Feb 2019, Substack launched audio content support for creators who want to sell podcast subscriptions to their audience. Substack for podcasts works in the same way as written. A Substack newsletter by Richard Rushfield. Want the full experience? Become a paying subscriber Just join the free list, for now. Learn more. The 2021 Showbiz State of the Union A Doom of One's Own; Woe The Man Down; To Gloom It May Concern. 10: 4: Share . New Top Community What is The Ankler? About. The Box Office Strikes Back! At Gross Range . Jun 15: 6: Share . The Buck Flops Here A Flop.

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Note: I am considering turning on paid Substack subscriptions. If you have donated through my website or are donating monthly, thank you again, it's the best way to support me, and I will comp you for the Substack subsciption automatically when I turn it on. Also if you are not in the position to pay for the subscription but want to fully participate, just email me, and I will happily comp. If you have any questions, contact us at support@business.com. Tuple App £25.00 Or pay with card Email Card Information Number MM / YY. CVC Country or region United States ZIP. Pay £25.00 Tuple will contribute 1% of your purchase to. Substack, a newsletter platform whose model is based on paid subscriptions, is flying particularly high. It announced on Tuesday that it was raising a further $65m from investors, in a round led. Subscribe to The Phoenix to support independent climate journalism at a critical moment in history. Subscribe. Today is a big day for me. For the very first time in my life, I set up an appointment with my doctor to start on anti-anxiety medication. This step comes four years after I first started seeing a therapist for climate-related anxiety. Since then, I've written about my journey a lot.

Sie erreichen mich unter kontakt@idw-europe.org oder indem Sie auf meine Mail-Sendung antworten. Sie finden alle bisher erschienen Beiträge im Archiv. Meine Arbeit ist nur durch Ihre Unterstützung möglich, auch wenn ich derzeit die meisten Artikel frei zur Verfügung stelle. Ich kann Ihnen auch manuell ein Abonnement einrichten. Der Preis. This Substack will continue to be the home for audio chats about non-Bachelor-adjacent TV content contact us directly and we will gift you the subscription. You can reach us at claireandemmapod@gmail.com. We don't want this newsletter to be out of reach or a financial strain for anyone. (It is also, right now, the main way we support ourselves -- so, again, we're very grateful to every.

Don't allow close-contact games and sports. Avoid sharing of objects such as toys, games and art supplies. Separate children on buses by skipping rows . Divide children into cohorts and then keep them away from other cohorts . Children should stay three feet away from kids in their cohort and six feet away from those outside their cohort; campers and staff should stay six feet from. Over the last few months I had even talked with some contacts about how I thought this strategy made sense, but as with any digital and acquisition endeavour, there needs to be a systems and process change and it wasn't clear to me how that process was going to evolve. There is a need to bring understanding and new knowledge to support the success of these new endeavours. That's why their. Ich bin unglücklich verliebt. Und dieser Satz stimmt schon nicht. Er stimmt, wenn ich denke, dass ich denjenigen, in den ich verliebt bin, haben kann bzw. eben nicht haben kann. Er stimmt nicht, wenn ich meine Liebe zu diesem Menschen als Hinweis für die Liebe selbst verstehe. Ich habe er geschrieben. Es ist eine Frau No Effort to Contact Russiagate's Top Russian Even though Kilimnik's name fills dozens of pages of the Mueller and Senate Intelligence reports after years of federal scrutiny and he is the target of a $250,000 FBI reward, this seemingly critical Russiagate figure has never been contacted by a single U.S. government official, to judge from the public record as well as Kilimnik's account

Just months after a confrontation on the line of contact in Donbaa that was very much as dangerous as the Cuban Missile Crisis, the US/NATO has to stand down in humiliation. The US begs for the Putin-Sleepy Joe Chernenko summit in order to save face and starts partially de-escalating the Ukraine and NS2 situation--also an embrassaing Imperial climb down--because it can't take on both Russia. The support package will include periodic upgrades to Tracer as we iterate on the design, discounted prices on quality-controlled parts, and highly responsive technical support from our engineering team. Early adopters can also expect direct contact with our founding team on a regular basis as we refine our product and add to it. We expect to charge $850 for Tracer v0.0.1 and $150 per month. It meant giving up the safe haven that I knew and the contacts I could have developed through my father once he became successful. Life would have been so much easier if I had conformed. But I was able to forge ahead on my own because I had options. I could get a job, drive my own car, go to college, and cultivate supportive friends and contacts. There are no such options for the millions of. It peaked on May 15, seems to come down nicely, only to tick up again in past few days. Since May 15, Taipei has been on Level 3 alert. This alert was set to continue until May 28, but the Health Minister Chen Shih-Chung said on the 24th that Level 3 alert will likely continue past the 28th of May. I call Level 3 soft lockdown

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credit: @penpencildraw Hello! Andy here with a Friday episode in discussion with historian Meghna Chaudhuri (NYU, Boston College) on the COVID disaster currently unfolding in India: the officially reported death count is 240,000 but may actually be more than one million.. Meghna and I talk about what everyday life has been like for her, quarantining with family in Kolkata during this second. 2: Contact your elected representatives. Have you told your elected representatives how you feel about the attempt to steal the election from President Trump yet? You can send a verified letter to your specific Congressman and Senators in less than a minute for free using this Rally Congres

Substack pens a new distribution model for writers with Stripe. Read case study Goodtill partners with Stripe to onboard 400+ new restaurants in under 4 weeks. Read case study Slack deploys Stripe globally for enterprise payments and billing. Read case study Zapier sees 4% uplift in auth rates with Stripe, creating $3M+ in additional revenue. Watch video Kickstarter expands into new. May 24, 2021. On Sunday, President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus forced a commercial airliner, operated by Ryanair, flying from Athens, Greece, to Vilnius, Lithuania, out of the sky as it passed through the airspace over Belarus. A MiG-29 fighter jet diverted the plane to Minsk, the capital of Belarus, after ground support warned its pilots. Hello and welcome to the Alcohol Alert, brought to you by The Institute of Alcohol Studies.. In the May 2021 edition: The Office for National Statistics released a report that shows there was a 20% increase in alcohol-specific deaths from 2019 to 2020 Podcast feature . A research study has shown that alcohol adverts are appealing to adolescents and that this is likely to increase. Hild kept in contact with other members of the Northumbrian political and religious élite throughout her career. In 655 King Oswiu of Northumbria made a vow that if he won a battle against the Mercians, he would give his infant daughter to a nunnery, and give ten hides of land to found a new monastery. Oswiu won the battle, and gave Hild custody of his daughter Ælfflaed. Two years later Hild. Victorian contact tracers are working to identify the missing links in a growing northern suburbs coronavirus cluster as @VictorianCHO warns that one of the infected people had been moving around the community with a high viral load. #coronavirus 'Silently brewing': No lockdown as missing links to new COVID cluster sought Victorian contact tracers are working to identify the missing links.

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Kontakt dmichelfelder@beispiel.de +49 30 12345-67 Gesamtsumme 55,00 € Blackthorn spendet 1 % Ihres Einkaufs, um CO₂ aus der Atmosphäre zu entnehmen. Anmeldung in einer Minute. Mit einem Bruchteil Ihrer Einnahmen unterstützen Sie direkt von Ihrem Dashboard aus innovative Umwelt-Technologien zur Entnahme von CO₂ aus der Atmosphäre. Rückendeckung für Pionierarbeit. 100 % Ihrer. If you'd like to see Substack vs ConvertKit compared, you're in the right place. These are both pieces of email marketing software, which offer you the ability to create a paid email newsletter. However, beyond that, they are very different platforms. Most likely, you're going to love one far more than the other. Read on to discover which platform is best if you want to charge. Vitamin D supports barrier defense against infection (video excerpt no5). See full video and much more (for supporters) at https://healthythinking.substack... Startup Substack, established in 2017, has been gaining steam. The company makes tools to help writers publish email newsletters, earning money by taking a 10% cut from those who charge their subscribers. For more, KCBS Radio news anchor Rebecca Corral spoke with Tech and Business Report with KCB Vitamin D supports barrier defense against infection (video excerpt no6). See full video and much more (for supporters) at https://healthythinking.substack...

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  1. We were on Substack early on, To better support the evolving nature of our venture, we need a more flexible platform. That brings us to Ghost, an open-source publishing platform run by a non-profit organisation headquartered in Singapore. Ghost will give us significantly more control over our work, how we connect with you, and how we grow our business. We appreciate their dedication to.
  2. Substack is pioneering a new business model for culture, and we're super proud to help support them. image: Wikimedia Commons The views expressed here are those of the individual AH Capital Management, L.L.C. (a16z) personnel quoted and are not the views of a16z or its affiliates
  3. But I had to figure out how to support myself because, like, now I'm getting paid more for my books, but I don't think people realize how little authors get paid. It's not nearly as much as people think. Having multiple streams of income is really helpful, between Patreon and the ritual guides. I don't think I'll ever work for anybody else ever again, and that feels really resonant with what.
  4. Substack also offers a legal defense service to writers of paid newsletters in the United States. Hamish McKenzie, one of the platform's founders, said Substack writers could make $100,000 a.
  5. A Substack newsletter by Sarah Stroh. Want the full experience? Become a paying subscriber Just join the free list, for now. Learn more. He's enjoying non-monogamy more than me It's not fair. Sarah Stroh: 1: Share . New Top Community What is Monogamish? About. Flo's going on another date And more on our rendezvous with the couple. Sarah Stroh. Jun 9: 1: Share . He said he didn't like my.
  6. Sie erreichen mich unter kontakt@idw-europe.org oder wenn Sie auf diese Mail antworten. Gerne können Sie die Beiträge weiterleiten. Meine Arbeit ist nur durch Ihre Unterstützung möglich, auch wenn ich derzeit die meisten Beiträge frei zur Verfügung stelle. Herzlichen Dank. Paypa

After Substack and Stripe fees, he expects to make about $104,000 this year. I am 43 and have freelanced for 20 years, while still waiting tables on the side until 37, and I made over $60,000. A Substack newsletter by gentogopin. Want the full experience? Become a paying subscriber Just join the free list, for now. Learn more. Descargar Ac Dc Live At River Plate 1080p. gentogopin: Share . New Top What is gentogopin's Newsletter? About. Kontakt 5 Crack Kickass Torrents Kontakt 5 Crack Kickass Torrents Using Contact Torrent is a very simple way to activate a program. In order to. Germany was united both through military conquest (Prussia's various wars) and through militarism; the PRC was formed after a military victory, and the post-Mao period of reform began when Deng Xiaoping sidelined Hua Goufeng in 1978, in part because of Deng's much stronger support network in the army. (This was, as the saying goes, very legal & very cool, but it also looks suspiciously like a. Substack launched in 2017 as a tool for monetizing email newsletters. Within a year, the company had turned a mission to help writers, artists, and other creatives solicit donations from people who love their work into a platform with 25,000 paying subscribers. Besides their flagship newsletter offering, Substack also recently added support for podcasts Transportist: April 2021. Welcome to the latest issue of The Transportist, especially to our new readers. As always you can follow along at the transportist.org or on Twitter . USDOT Secretary Pete Buttigieg recently said something not negative about Vehicle Mileage Traveled taxes (VMT taxes)

Substack, the newsletter platform that allows writers and journalists to receive payments directly from readers, is launching a $1 million program to support local journalists A Substack newsletter by Emily Atkin. Want the full experience? Become a paying subscriber Just join the free list, for now. Learn more. All the times Keystone XL was inevitable A list of quotes from the past, for fun. Emily Atkin: 15: 13: Share . New Top Community What is HEATED? About. Brazil's climate sabotage As Amazon deforestation surges, Jair Bolsonaro says only cash can make it stop. A Substack newsletter by Max Cuvellier. Want the full experience? Become a paying subscriber Just join the free list, for now. Learn more. 1,000 Thank Yous It's all in the title ;) Max Cuvellier: Jun 15: 2: Share . Hi everyone, As we just registered our 1,000th subscriber* - and also crossed the 20,000 unique post views a few days ago - we just wanted to drop you all a quick note to show our. A Substack newsletter by Jim Latham. Want the full experience? Become a paying subscriber Just join the free list, for now. Learn more. Enlarging My Reduced Life 100-words about fear. Jim Latham: Share . New Top Community What is The Jim Latham News Network? About. New Dreams, Reason Unknown 100-word reflection. Jim Latham. May 24 Share . One Girl's Reaction 100-word story. Jim Latham. May 24. Substack success stories have amateur writers signing up in droves, but most will need to follow a different strategy to earn a living

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  1. ent trans voices and allies with the work of transphobic writers.
  2. ently competing here. At the same time, it's in my.
  3. g a paid subscriber on Substack to get access to my online Author Course, my live Q&A's for Authors held via Zoom every 3 months (where Authors I work with get together to share progress, resources, support, and accountability), my private Facebook group for Authors, and special paid subscriber-only content. FRIENDSHIP IN THE AGE OF LONELINESS. Read the first chapter.
  4. Please contact me via the Contact Form below with speaking requests, podcast invitations, media requests, consulting projects, coaching requests, author course Qs, and concrete proposals for collaboration. Want to support my work? Please subscribe to my newsletter on Substack. Thank you
  5. If you can't access your feeds, please contact customer support. Thanks! Check your phone for a link to finish setting up your feed. Please enter a 10-digit phone number. Listen on your phone.
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  1. As a result, Constant Contact now stands as a decent email service provider charging a premium price yet not offering the most advanced email marketing features one would expect. So, without further ado, let's explore the best Constant Contact competitors for your business! Alternatives To Constant Contact: Comparison Table (With Pricing & Features) Are you in a hurry or simply like to see.
  2. A Substack newsletter by Sylvain Saurel. Want the full experience? Become a paying subscriber Just join the free list, for now. Learn more. Bitcoin Is Under Attack From All Sides - No Problem, Its Revolution Has Always Progressed T Bitcoin's resilience sets it apart. Sylvain Saurel: 3: Share . New Top Community What is In Bitcoin We Trust Newsletter? About. Bitcoin Whales Get Bigger Over.
  3. Substack and its backers are alert to the risk that the service could be replaced by someone charging a few dollars a month. But they note that many writers simply don't want to be bothered with.
  4. ABOUT WORKS ESSAYS SUPPORT PRESS GSA QUEER SOC . FUNCTIONAL RELIGIOUS ART The terms 'functional religious art', or 'art from observation', best describe my practice. My life's work is an ongoing curriculum of personal religious study, balancing heritage and upbringing, practice and belief, familiarity and unfamiliarity. CONTACT williamaghoghogbe@outlook.com Instagram @willagho.
  5. The top 10 people on Substack make a combined $10 million a year, according to an interview Substack co-founder and CEO Chris Best gave to The Verge. The company has reportedly recruited and paid.

The company will give $1 million to local newsletter writers. Substack's local initiative begins with $1 million in grants. Substack. By Scott Nover & Mark Stenberg. April 15, 2021. Substack, the. To help solve that challenge, Substack recently announced a suite of new features to make it easier for writers to make money on the platform, including legal support, and a system of grants. As of now, I will be publishing my journalism here on Substack, where numerous other journalists, including my good friend, the great intrepid reporter Matt Taibbi, have come in order to practice journalism free of the increasingly repressive climate that is engulfing national mainstream media outlets across the country. This was not an easy choice: I am voluntarily sacrificing the support of. Third, each member state would designate a national centre to act as the contact point for WHO. And finally, the IHR would set out the minimum core surveillance and response capacities required at the national level. Bill C-12 is aligned with Canada's obligation under the IHR and responds to the May 2003 request by the WHO that countries take steps to enhance, support and strengthen national.

If you want to supercharge your newsletter with an API, Zapier support, or other powerful features: upgrade to Buttondown for Professionals And in case you're worried about committing: Buttondown has a thirty day money-back guarantee . Check out the FAQ →. Get started. Buttondown. FREE. Buttondown for Professionals. $29 USD/mo. Customer service Facebook is starting a Substack competitor. The Facebook Journalism Project will commit five million dollars to support local journalists interested in starting or continuing their work on a new platform for building websites and email newsletters, the company announced on Thursday. Really excited to see how this plays out - it's. Summary: Substack launched in 2018, offering writers a place to engage in independent journalism and commentary. Looking to fill a perceived void in newsletter services, Substack gave writers an.

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  1. Substack's 12 top-earning writers make an average of more than $160,000 each, the company told BuzzFeed News. And more than 40,000 people are paying for Substack newsletters today. O
  2. His Substack, Big Technology, started selling ads in January and is now ad-supported. Kantrowitz shared the pitch deck he uses to target brands seeking tech influencers. See more stories on.
  3. Under the Substack Pro program, the company has offered up to $250,000 advance payments to lure writers to go the independent route with their platform, along with other incentives. Writers are reportedly given a lower percentage (15%) of subscription fees if they accept the one-time advance payment, with that percentage jumping to the standard 90% after the first year. The system is the.
  4. Bei Gespräch und Vernetzung geht es darum, mit Menschen in Kontakt zu kommen, um einen Weg aus der Isolation zu finden und sich gegenseitig zu helfen. Ein Ich mach da nicht mit! ist derzeit ungemein wichtig - ebenso wichtig ist aber ein Da mach ich mit!. Wir sprechen nach einer kurzen Einführung von mir etwa eine Stunde lang in kleinen Gruppen von 10-12 Personen, sodass von da.

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The ANC has perfected the tax revolt (why we need to support them) There are a few writers who use the Substack newsletter service that I am interested in following. However, I prefer to follow content with a feed reader than through numerous email newsletters. I was curious whether Substack offers RSS feeds for its own newsletters. I discovered that it indeed does. Below, I will show you how to follow Substack newsletters via RSS

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