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is that the scientific format helps to insure that at whatever level a person reads your paper (beyond title skimming), they will likely get the key results and conclusions. The Sections of the Paper Most journal-style scientific papers are subdivided into the following sections: Title , Authors an Structure of a Scientific paper . The research you have conducted is obviously of vital importance and must be read by the widest possible audience. It is probably safer to insult a colleague's spouse, family, and driving rather than the quality of his or her research. Fortunately, there are now so many medical journals that your chances of not having the work published somewhere are small. The basic structure of a scientific paper is summarised by the acronym IMRAD. Many types of papers are published in medical journals. These include original articles, case reports, technical notes, pictorial essays, reviews, commentaries and editorials. Authors should be aware that each type of paper is specific in nature, serve a distinct purpose, and is judged by different criteria 2.6 The Structures of Papers in the Journal of Micro/Nanolithography, MEMS, and MOEMS book is to help authors produce good scientific papers and thus support the goals of science. Using This Book This book can be read straight through, which I recommend for early-career scientists who are relatively new to writing and publishing papers. It can also be used as a reference for specific. Elements of the Scientific Research Paper • Title • Abstract • Introduction • Methods • Results • Discussion • Works Cited • Appendices While all scientific research reports share a common organizational setup, you will find variations within reports. The common structure of the report is to ensure ease of reading

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  1. The present guideline should support students in writing their first scientific paper. The structure and outer shape of an academic work are important factors in the evaluation. However, as a basic principle the formal rules - like the presentation of contents - always have to be agreed on with the supervisor of the respective thesis. Their expectations are decisive after all. Additional.
  2. ar papers and final theses shall also be sent as PDF- and. Word-files to the advisor at the chair by e-mail. 3. Requirements with regard to contents . 3.1 Table and structure of required contents Final theses contain the following twelve parts. For se
  3. The basic structure of a scientific paper is summarised by the acronym IMRAD. Many types of papers are published in medical journals. These include original articles, case reports, technical notes, pictorial essays, reviews, commentaries and editorials. Authors should be aware that each type of paper is specific in nature, serve a distinct purpose, and is judged by different criteria. Authors.
  4. The Structure of Scientific Revolutions Second Edition, Enlarged Thomas S. Kuhn VOLUMES I AND II • FOUNDATIONS OF THE UNITY OF SCIENCE VOLUME II • NUMBER 2 . International Encyclopedia of Unified Science Editor-in-Chief Otto Neurath Associate Editors Rudolf Carnap Charles Morris Foundations of the Unity of Science (Volumes I—II of the Encyclopedia) Committee of Organization RUDOLF CARNAP.
  5. structure the paper. First, the thesis promises the reader that it will argue that the Russian Revolution was not simply a matter of class. The paper will therefore begin by saying that although the destruction of the Russian class system was important to the heart of this revolution, it was not its final goal. The rest of the paper will be broken into two parts: the revolution's vision of.
  6. The scientific format may seem confusing for the beginning science writer due to its rigid structure which is so different from writing in the humanities. One reason for using this format is that it is a means of efficiently communicating scientific findings to the broad community of scientists in a uniform manner. Another reason, perhaps more important than the first, is that this format.

Basic structure and types of scientific paper

Keywords: scientific paper, research paper, document structure, writing style 1. Introduction The ability to write and to express thoughts in a clear manner is a vital step on the path to becoming a well-rounded and educated person. However, often students who study scientific disciplines such as computer science, engineering, physics, and. Elements of Style for Writing Scientific Journal Articles 10 Thorough cross-referencing Cross-reference equations, figures, and sections both by their number and by their name. Asking the reader to page back in the text intensifies reader fatigue. Put your head in the reader's head to determine when it is useful to provide hand

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Some writing tips for scientific papers - by Andrew Hendry Note that these comments apply to scientific papers and may not always be relevant to other forms of writing, such as this particular document. Paper structure and general guidelines: 1. Try to state the main objective of the paper in the first paragraph. Many authors place the specific objectives of their work in the last paragraph. IMRAD structure has become the dominant structure for scientific reports reporting original research (most journal articles, congress papers, bachelor and master theses, etc.). IMRAD is an acronym for introduction, methods, results, and discussion. These four elements are the main ingredients for a scientific report and are preceded by an abstract and followed by conclusions. They also usually. Scientific paper example pdf. Sue jenkins publication in a reputable peer reviewed journal should be the goal of every researcher as this provides the most effective and permanent means of disseminating information to a large audience cole 1994. A biological research paper is a form of communication in which the investigator succinctly presents and interprets data collected in an investigation.

This paper contains a general outline of the information that should be included in a scientific paper. It provides a good template from which you can easily structure a paper. When you start out writing papers, you will likely include most of these sections and utilize this fairly standard format a Scientific Paper Why a scientific format? The scientific format has a rigid structure that is a means of efficiently communicating scientific findings and allows the paper to be read at several different levels. Article structure in publishing Title, Abstract and Keywords The article text follows the IMRaD format, which responds to the questions below: Introduction: Why was the study. Specific Parts of scientific Papers Scitmce writing is H unique prorec. h~cnnse scientific papers cunsist of sprc~fic rlrmcnts that include the title, introduction, methods, iesults, discussion, conclusions, summary, and bibliography. Do not underestimate the importance of the title. It is a clear statement of the paper's content and contains key words that will he indexed for information. well for a data analysis paper as well, though one problem with it is that the Methods section often sounds like a bit of a stretch: In a psych research paper the Methods section describes what you did to get your data. In a data analysis paper, you should describe the analyses that you performed. Without the results as well, this can be pretty.

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  1. Structure and Format of Peer-Reviewed Scientific Manuscripts Paul R. Manske, MD From the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO. I n the early 17th century, Sir Francis Bacon pop-ularized the scientific method of investigation. This method of inquiry advances knowledge by a structured process of experimental design, obser-vation, and.
  2. 37 Full PDFs related to this paper. Read Paper. How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper. Download.
  3. e the structure and conventions of a biological paper, using an example (of a field study of the.
  4. A Scientific Dictionary: • Look up terms you don't know. • Try www.AccessScience.com, for an online dictionary. Your handy-dandy notebook: • Make notes so you'll remember your insights. Your friends and colleagues: • Explaining to others will help you understand the paper yourself. Credits. Main Men
  5. ent physics writers Some of my favorite physics writings are: •S. Weinberg: Relativity and Cosmology •Feynman, Leighton, Sands: Feynman Lectures in Physics •Landau and Lifschitz: Course in Theoretical.
  6. How$to$structure,$and$cite$references$in,$a$paper! This! applies! to! all! kinds! of! papers,! including! certain! types! of! Prak7kumsprotokolle,

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Although your writing should not follow a journalistic style, its structure can be organized like a newspaper article. Organize the paper in triangular or newspaper style, not in joke or novel style. Notice how newspapers start with the most important part, then ll in background later for the readers who kept going and want more details. A good joke or a mystery novel has a long windup to the. Ten simple rules for structuring papers Brett Mensh1 and Konrad Kording2 1 Principal, Optimize Science; Scientific Advisor, Janelia Research Campus, HHMI, bmensh@optimizescience.com 2 Penn Integrates Knowledge (PIK) professor, University of Pennsylvania / Professor, Northwestern University, koerding@gmail.com Abstract Good scientific writing is essential to career development and to the. Scientific Explanation and the Causal Structure of the World. The philosophical theory of scientific explanation proposed here involves a radically new treatment of causality that accords with the pervasively statistical character of contemporary science. Wesley C. Salmon describes three fundamental conceptions of scientific explanation--the. structure repeats after 10 residues on each chain, that is, after 34 A. The distance of a phosphorus atom from the fibre axis is 10 A. As the phosphates are on the outside, cations have easy access to them. The structure is an open one, and its water content is rather high. At lower water contents we would expect the bases to tilt so that the structure could become more compact. The novel.

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Every scientific argument has its own particular logical structure, which dictates the sequence in which its elements should be presented. For example, a paper may set up a hypothesis, verify that a method for measurement is valid in the system under study, and then use the measurement to disprove the hypothesis. Alternatively, a paper may set. Writing scientific papers p. 16 4. Writing grant applications p. 20 5. Writing preliminary exam proposals p. 24 6. Writing emails p. 25 7. Notes on Usage p. 27 8. Constructing figures p. 29 9. Writing and thinking p. 39 10. Suggested reading p. 43 11. Editing exercises p. 45 12. Samples of submission and resubmission letters p. 49 13. Selected references p. 57 . 3 1. Introduction A scientist. English for Writing Research Papers Useful Phrases Many non-native researchers begin their writing career by reading extensively about their topic in English, and noting down useful generic phrases that they can then 'paste' into their own work. You can use such phrases as a template / structure for your paper into which you insert your own data. You at least know that these ready-made.

Typical structure of a scientific paper (IMRAD structure) In this paper we report on the results of survey conducted to determine the A thorough review of the research and theory related to this phenomenon is obviously beyond the scope of this study . Title: Microsoft PowerPoint - introduction unit 3 for ppt Author: Created Date: 1/25/2008 9:54:05 AM. The structure of research papers depends on assignment requirements. In fact, when students get their assignments and instructions, In this case, individuals may use some or all of the methods in further studies or judge the scientific merit of the work. Moreover, scientists should explain how they are going to conduct their experiments. Results mean the gained information or data after. From the lesson. Writing the paper: things you need to know. In this part of the MOOC, you will learn how to write your paper. In a first part, we will focus on the structure of the paper, and then you will be able to see how to use bibliographical tools such as zotero. Finally you will be required to write your own abstract and to do a peer. Research Paper Structure. Whether you are writing a B.S. Degree Research Paper or completing a research report for a Psychology course, it is highly likely that you will need to organize your research paper in accordance with American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines. Here we discuss the structure of research papers according to APA style. Major Sections of a Research Paper in APA.

Section structure A coherent structuring of the topic is necessary to develop the section structure (Bem 1995). Subheadings reflect the organisation of the topic and indicate the content of the various sections. Possible criteria for structuring the topic are: • methodological approaches • models or theorie Structure of a medical research paper: key content elements, writing tips and examples of reporting guidelines from the EQUATOR website - Consideration of clinical and scientific implications - If relevant, suggestions for future research Structured discussion Research recommendations Conclusions This section is not always presented separately in a research article Any conclusions must be. WORD USAGE IN SCIENTIFIC WRITING This listing includes some of the most frequently troublesome words, terms, and expressions found in journal papers and manuscripts. Any glossary of word usage assumes that what is acceptable for some uses may not be for others. Some terms and expressions are worn-out clichés and have outlived their usefulness; other expressions and terms, though not incorrect. 3.1 General Structure of a Seminar Paper As explained in chapter 2, a seminar paper should start with a title page and a table of contents, and it should end with a literature list. Additionally, there are some raw guidelines how to structure the content itself. The general structure of the contents is like follows: • Introduction: General motivation, goal of the paper, overview of the. In addition, we'll write about the way you should structure your scientific papers. It's really handy because having a reliable blueprint in front of your eyes will save your time and forces greatly. Scientific Paper Example. If you are a young scholar or a prospective college or university student, you need to know how to write and publish a scientific paper. All in all, it's a kind of.

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As you review their paper, read the side notes and examine the following: The use and documentation of their numerous sources. The background they provide before getting into their own study results. The scientific language used when reporting their results. The introduction states the topic and the main questions to be explored. The researchers supply background information by discussing past. 3.2 Components of a scientific paper. Nearly all journal articles are divided into the following major sections: abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion, and references. Usually the sections are labeled as such, although often the introduction (and sometimes the abstract) is not labeled. Sometimes alternative section titles are used HOW TO WRITE A PAPER FOR A SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL Author: Sue Jenkins Publication in a reputable, peer reviewed journal should be the goal of every researcher, as this provides the most effective and permanent means of disseminating information to a large audience (Cole, 1994; Portney and Watkins, 1993). When human subjects participate in research, it is on the understanding that they are. peer-reviewers (journal articles, research papers, book chapters, grant proposals) Use precision, clarity and objectivity! Scientific Writing! 1. Be precise! Ambiguities in writing cause confusion and may prevent a reader from grasping key concepts of your review • Use precise concrete language, no ambiguity eg 'correlated' ≠ 'related' • Exclude similes/metaphors (and humour. 5 Writing a scientific paper in The ACS Style Guide: A Manual for Authors and Editors ed. JS Dodd (Washington, DC: American Chemical Society, 1997) accompanies. First, when stating a fact that is widely accepted, the present tense is appropriate. Examples of such a statement include DNA is composed of four nucleotides or trypanosomes exhibit global trans-splicing of RNA.

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  1. Every scientific paper is structured the same way. It starts with an abstract that briefly summarizes the paper and then leads into an introduction. The materials and methods come next, followed by the results. The paper concludes with the discussion section and a list of references. Some journals move the materials and methods to the end of the paper and/or combine the results with the.
  2. The anatomy of a paper: from origin to current format. The history of scientific journals dates from 1665, when the French Journal des sçavans and the English Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society first began systematically publishing research results 7.From then on, the initial structure of scientific papers evolved gradually from letters (usually by a single author.
  3. Edanz Expert Scientific Review Report Prepared by: Sample G0000-0000-Sample Introduction Does the introduction provide sufficient background information for readers not in the immediate field to understand the problem/hypotheses? The introduction provides a good, generalized background of the topic that quickly gives the reader an appreciation of the wide range of applications for this.
  4. Structure of a Scientific Manuscript. New authors are, no doubt, familiar with the structure of a scientific research paper - there is a standard in academic publishing. However, writing within that structure requires a deeper understanding of the role of each section. The following was discussed in an online resource from Bates College. Section: Purpose/Description: Title: Gives a clear and.
  5. imal structure. Messages are broadcast on a best effort basis, and nodes can leave and rejoin the network at will, accepting the longest proof-of-work chain as proof of what happened while they were gone. 1. Introduction Commerce on the Internet has come to rely almost exclusively on financial institutions serving as trusted third parties to process electronic.
  6. communication including scientific papers, technical reports, presentations, and proposal writing • Together we will identify the different objectives of these communication modes, and understand key steps and ingredients for effective scientific communication • The course emphasizes basic skills for critical evaluation of scientific communications and provide opportunities for practicing
  7. 4 Reflection paper on the chemical structure and properties 5 criteria to be considered for the evaluation of New Active 6 . Substance (NAS) status of chemical substances . 7 . Draft Draft agreed by the QWP . February 2015 ; Draft adopted by the CHMP for release for consultation ; March 2015 : Draft endorsed by the CMD(h) March 2015 . Start of public consultation : 24 April 2015 . End of.
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CERMINE is a comprehensive open-source system for extracting structured metadata from scientific articles in a born-digital form. The system is based on a modular workflow, whose loosely coupled architecture allows for individual component evaluation and adjustment, enables effortless improvements and replacements of independent parts of the algorithm and facilitates future architecture expanding the internal structure of companies. Scientific Management One of the first approaches to the study of management, popularized during the early 1900s, was scientific management. Individuals who helped develop and promote scientific management included Frank and Lillian Gilbreth (whose lives are portrayed in a book and a subsequent movie, Cheaper by the Dozen), Henry Gantt, and Harrington. INTRODUCTION. This paper is the third in a series on manuscript writing skills, published in the Indian Journal of Psychiatry.Earlier articles offered suggestions on how to write a good case report,[] and how to read, write, or review a paper on randomized controlled trials.[2,3] The present paper examines how authors may write a good abstract when preparing their manuscript for a scientific.

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Reflection paper on the chemical structure and properties criteria to be considered for the evaluation of new active substance (NAS) status of chemical substances. Draft agreed by the QWP . February 2015 . Draft adopted by the CHMP for release for consultation . March 2015 ; Draft endorsed by the CMD(h) March 2015 : Start of public consultation . 24 April 2015 : End of consultation (deadline. Ten simple rules for structuring papers Brett Mensh1 and Konrad Kording2 1 Principal, Optimize Science; Scientific Advisor, Janelia Research Campus, HHMI, bmensh@optimizescience.com 2 Penn Integrates Knowledge (PIK) professor, University of Pennsylvania / Professor, Northwestern University, koerding@gmail.com Abstract Good scientific writing is essential to career development and to the. Notes on Form and Structure of Written Scientific Papers SECTIONS OF A HAUSARBEIT - SCIENTIFIC PAPER • Apart from the main body of text, a Hausarbeit consists also of a cover page, a table of contents and a reference section (bibliography). • The cover page contains information on the title of the seminar, name of instructor, term, as well as title of the paper and name of author. Keywords: scientific research papers, quantitative research, scientific writing, general paper outline. 1 Introduction Introduce the topic under study and the roadmap of the paper. You should provide answers to what, why, how (and maybe who, when, where), state the contributions of the paper to extend the state of the art and its impact scientific paper but may be in a thesis 4 Acknowledge research contributions by people other than the authors Persons who gave scientific guidance, participated in discussions, or shared unpublished results Persons who provided samples or equipment Assistants or students who helped do the work Technicians at user facilities or labs The acknowledgment should be a simple statement of thanks, not.

In a written paper, the eye sees how the paper is divided into sections and subsections by the section numbers, titles and subtitles, and the page layout in general. In an oral presentation, you must provide verbal transitions. Guide your audience through your talk by referring to the overview you presented at the beginning. As you go from one. A scientific drawing is a precise record of specific details. 1. Use pencil and unlined paper only. 2. Draw as large as your page will allow. 3. Draw your image just the left of center, to allow for label lines on the right. 4. The boundary structures of the specimen are more important than secondary features such as shadows, curvature, and colour. 5. Stipple areas dark to indicate depth, do. of scientific work . 2. State. where your work could be extended or improved . 1. Clear. Citation . 2. Complete. Reference list . 3. Accepted . Style . 4. Accurately . reproduced . Acknowledge . work of other researchers so that readers can see how your point of view develope The first job is to structure your thinking. Settle down comfortably with a cup of coffee (or better, beer) and an A3 sheet . How to write a paper, 6th edition 6 MFA, 20/02/05 of paper in Landscape orientation as in Figure 3. Devise a tentative title for the paper and write it at the top. Then—in as orderly way as you can, but disorder is OK too—jot down what seem like sensible section.

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  1. every scientific paper contains figures. Likewise, equations were rare in the first 200 years of the history of the scientific journal. Even in 1900 the vast majority of journal articles did not contain equations separated from the text. Like many innovations, the use of numbered equa-tions did not become common in scientific journals until th
  2. Scientific papers. This page lists TU1402 journal papers and conference papers (co-) authored by at least two Action TU1402 participants. The members of COST Action TU1402 have produced so far 18 journal articles, 62 conference papers, and 1 book chapter, thus in total 80 peer-reviewed articles in the scope of this network. If you have a contribution please contact Jorge Mendoza Espinosa jorge.
  3. Example Term Paper Format ECON 460 November 19, 2011 Abstract The following paper is an example of the appropriate stlyle, layout and format for an term paper or essay in an economics course. All papers should have a title page that contains the following: 1. Title of the Paper 2. Course Number and Instructor 3. Your name and student number 4. Date Any graphs should be on seperate pages that.
  4. International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, Volume 2, Issue 5, May 2012 1 ISSN 2250-3153 www.ijsrp.org A REVIEW: THE STRUCTURAL INTERVENTION AND OD'S FUTURE Gurveen Sandhu, Gurpreet Singh Mann, Rajdeep kaur Virk (Lecturer, Dept. of Information Technology) Baba Farid college of Engineering and Technology, Bathinda, Punjab, India Contact No:- +919501115075 Abstract- In this.
  5. g nonstructured information into a format that allows analysis. Prom reading this paper, GAO analysts should gain an understanding of the basic concepts and procedures used in content.
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One typical structure is demonstrated in the diagram below. This structure includes the main point of the essay in the introduction. The supporting points (sub points or arguments) that you are making appear in the paragraphs. The number of these body paragraphs may vary depending on the length of your essay. Here we show only four. The conclusion more or less repeats the main idea from the. Writing a scientific paper. 1. Writing a Scientific Paper Dr. Bhaswat S. Chakraborty. 2. Writing WellTrue ease in writing comes from art, not chanceAs those who move easiest have learnt to dance Alexander Pope. 3. The Recipe Construct an introduction that puts your work in context for your readers Tell them why it is important Tell them why it.

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2007.pdf . Lab Report: Component Parts Abstract Introduction Methods Results Discussion Conclusion This is the order in which you read lab report Not the order in which you write it! Typical Report Structure Title page Abstract/summary Introduction Methodology Findings/results Analysis and discussion Summary and conclusions Recommendations References/bibliography Appendices From: Study Guide 7. When writing a scientific paper, you will need to adjust to the academic format. The APA writing style is one example of an academic standard frequently used. By the way, here is another great resources on how to write a research paper. Preparing to Write a Research Paper. Usually, the purpose of a research paper is known before writing it. It can be formulated as a research paper question, a.

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Bacterial Classification, Structure and Function Introduction The purpose of this lecture is to introduce you to terminology used in microbiology. The lecture will: 1. Cover different classification schemes for grouping bacteria, especially the use of the Gram stain 2. Describe the different types of bacteria 3. Discuss bacterial structure and the function of the different bacterial components. EDIT YOUR PAPER!!! In my writing, I average about ten pages a day. Unfortunately, they're all the same page. Michael Alley, The Craft of Scientific Writing : A major part of any writing assignment consists of re-writing. Write accurately. Scientific writing must be accurate. Although writing instructors may tell you not to use the same word twice in a sentence, it's okay for scientific. It gives pointers on the organization of a scientific paper, correct grammar and style, and accepted formats in citing chemical names, chemical symbols, units, and references. There are useful suggestions on constructing tables, preparing illustrations, using different fonts, and giving oral presentations. In addition, there is a brief overview of the chemical literature, the way in which it. Research is a structured enquiry that utilizes acceptable scientific methodology to solve problems and create new knowledge that is generally applicable. Scientific methods consist of systematic observation, classification and interpretation of data. Although we engage in such process in our daily life, the difference between our casual day- to-day generalisation and the conclusions usually. Structure is the most difficult part of writing, no matter whether you are writing a novel, a play, a poem, a government report, or a scientific paper. If the structure is right then the rest can follow fairly easily, but no amount of clever language can compensate for a weak structure. Structure is important so that readers don't become lost

You might be tempted to start with the abstract since it comes between the title page and the paper, but it's much easier to summarize a paper or report after it has been completed. Write in the third person. Replace phrases like I found or we examined with phrases like it was determined or this paper provides or the investigators found markets also manifest themselves in the structure of Fibonacci numbers. Now the big question: Do Fibonacci numbers have a dramatic influence on the financial markets? Should you use Fibonacci trading in your trading system to help with your stock market analysis? Therefore Fib numbers are indeed significant in trading if for no other reason than they become a self-fulfilling prophecy through. Student Paper Setup Guide This guide will help you set up an APA Style student paper. The basic setup directions apply to the entire paper. Annotated diagrams illustrate how to set up the major sections of a student paper: the title page or cover page, the text, tables and figures, and the reference list. Basic Setup . Seventh edition APA Style was designed with modern word-processing programs. The Structure of Scientific Revolutions was described by Scientific American's John Horgan as the most influential treatise ever written on how science proceeds. Philosopher Richard Rorty called it the most influential English-language philosophy book of the last half-century. It sold the most copies, made the greatest difference to our ways of thinking, and was the subject of. The structure of scientific collaboration networks is investigated. Two scientists are considered connected if they have authored a paper together and explicit networks of such connections are constructed by using data drawn from a number of databases, including MEDLINE (biomedical research), the Los Alamos e-Print Archive (physics), and NCSTRL (computer science)

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COVID-19 Quick Links. See COVID-19 SARS-CoV-2 preprints from. arXiv; medRxiv and bioRxiv; Important: e-prints posted on arXiv are not peer-reviewed by arXiv; they should not be relied upon without context to guide clinical practice or health-related behavior and should not be reported in news media as established information without consulting multiple experts in the field An abstract is an outline/brief summary of your paper and your whole project. It should have an intro, body and conclusion. It is a well-developed paragraph, should be exact in wording, and must be understandable to a wide audience. Abstracts should be no more than 250 words, formatted in Microsoft Word, and single-spaced, using size 12 Times New Roman font. Abstracts highlight major points of.

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Engineering Structures provides a forum for a broad blend of scientific and technical papers to reflect the evolving needs of the structural engineering and structural mechanics communities. Particularly welcome are contributions dealing with new developments or innovative applications of structural and mechanics principles and digital technologies for the analysis and design of engineering. 698 ScientificPapersoftheBureauofStandards [Voi.no Page III.Generalprocedure 706 IV.Reductionofobservations 710 V.Results 713 VI.Accuracy 718 VII.Discussion '_ 726. In our study published in Nature, we demonstrate how artificial intelligence research can drive and accelerate new scientific discoveries. We've built a dedicated, interdisciplinary team in hopes of using AI to push basic research forward: bringing together experts from the fields of structural biology, physics, and machine learning to apply cutting-edge techniques to predict the 3D. the page writer uses each tag for. In short, XML allows users to add arbitrary structure to their documents but says nothing about what the structures mean [see XML and the Second-Generation Web, by Jon Bosak and Tim Bray; Scientific American, May 1999]

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