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http://bit.ly/BananaGaming-1 Download the SMLTR app and get your Free Skins for CS:GO right now! Use my code: zqapa and get 10 Free coins as a bonus!Jesper's.. Training maps (Smoke, Molotov, Flash) by Dolnma. 7 items. Description [ranksea.com] [www.paypal.com] Welcome to my Mirage training map. Map includes today 28 smoke spots, 9 flash spots and 6 molotov spots with hints and next one is coming. In future versions will be added more spots and some new features. Enjoy this map and stay careful about new updates. To comments can you write your. CSGO training maps -Recoil Master - Spray Training This map serves only one purpose and that is to train your spraying skills. It has one unique feature called Ghost Crosshair. This Ghost Crosshair will show you the recoil pattern of each gun so you can follow it Smoke practice By kayfour. This is a simple guide which contains a list of commands which you can simply copy and paste into the console to be able to practice smokes on any map Play CSGO>Practice with bots>No Bots>Select your map. Once you are in the map, you can open the console, and copy this config into console, which will enable unlimited money, and ammo, grenade trajectory enabled,with 60 minute round time, which gives you enough time to practice

Find and learn the best smoke, flashbang, molotov and grenade spots for Train. Browse our large collection of nades for CS:GO CS:GO Best Crosshair Training Maps. Map Name: crashz' Crosshair Generator v3. Creator: crashz. How to Download: Search for 'crashz' Crosshair Generator v3' in the Steam Workshop and select 'subscribe'. Alternatively, use the link below: Link: crashz' Crosshair Generator v3. Launch CS:GO and select 'Workshop Maps' in the dropdown menu

I see a lot of grenades that people create and upload onto Reddit, or add to these training maps, and a lot of them are either useless, exposing, or a mixture of the two. You'll improve so much faster. 3. level 1. akkshaikh. 2 years ago. most practice maps are outdated. I'd suggest learning the smokes from youtube and and practicing yourselves. Link download file http://www.mediafire.com/file/ctg0fk9ve37198h/training.cfgMình là Caster Bomman đến từ 500 Bros StudioĐây là kênh cá nhân của mình. Smoke Lineup Crosshair Bind for CS:GO. Create a fullscreen crosshair to line up smokes and other nades. For particular smokes, it can be hard to find something natural to place your crosshair at to hit that perfect smoke. This key bind will help you align those hard nades. Read more March 29. 2020 The ultimate guide with the most useful console commands for grenade practice in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). In this tutorial we will explain things like grenade trajectory, show impact, noclip, and many other cvars and console commands in CS:GO

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  1. Find and learn the best smoke, flashbang, molotov and grenade spots for Mirage. Browse our large collection of nades for CS:GO
  2. 99Damage berichtet über die nationale und internationale CS:GO-Szene. Hier erfahrt ihr alles über Teams, Spieler und Turniere
  3. Map train smoke csgo. Channel your inner global elite. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. In future versions will be added more spots and some new features. Just some of my favorite maps for cs go to practice reflexes and aim. Skin ids map codes give command codes bind keys. Read more april 23. Browse our large collection of nades for cs go. Map includes today 28.
  4. Hi, I really like these training maps where you can practice smokes and flashes. They show guides where to stand and where to aim to get a specific flash or smoke right. I haven't been able to find any for the new dust2 only for the older version, which now is obsolete. Is there one somewhere
  5. Skin IDs Map Codes Give Command Codes Bind Keys. Binds; Guides; Skins; Skin Trading Sites; Total CS:GO; Blog; CS:GO Guides; Unlimited Smokes ; Infinite Smoke and Nade Commands Get those line-ups perfect! If you're looking to practice throwing smokes or nades in an offline game or private server, you're going to want to have an infinite amount of them to avoid having to continuously return to.
  6. Hold your smoke/flash/molly in your hand, then press the bind. The game will simulate where the nade will go. There is no need actually to throw the nade. This is very useful if you're trying to find a pixel perfect smoke. bind X cl_sim_grenade_trajectory 3. Preview grenade trajectory. Shows a line where the nade will go. When enabled, it will.
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Hey there everyone,I'm back with a new game video tutorial in which you will learn to create a CSGO server for practicing smokes in different maps.CSGO or Co.. Find and learn the best smoke, flashbang, molotov and grenade spots for Cache. Browse our large collection of nades for CS:GO Tutorial Configs: Map Practice (Smokes, flashes etc...) Tips & Guides. So a while ago I made a config for myself so I could practice my smokes, flashes and mollys. Turns out tons of players in MM don't know how to throw a smoke in the easiest spots, I personally like to invent the smokes myself don't really like to copy the others, so I will leave my config and a mini tutorial :) So first of. CSGO PRACTICE PLATFORM. Join over three million gamers using our aim training service. Practice Maps. Unique aim training modes with over 20 million downloads. Activity Tracking. Keep track of your best results and measure your progress over time. Custom Workouts. Training routines with automatic setup and performance summary Guide on how to set up a cfg file with the best practice config so you can practice CS:GO. Comprehensive practice config, console commands and binds for your local server. Bots, trajectory and show impact commands and many other useful console commands

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This is a tutorial on how to practice smokes in CSGO and how to practice alone in CSGO including all the commands. First off you need to make sure that you have console enabled, go to Help & Options -> Game Settings -> Enable developer console. Once this is opened it should default to the button just left of your number 1, the ` key. Now, in your console (press ` while in the main menu) type. You can also use workshop smoke maps which have line ups for smokes you may or may not know and infinite nades. View Entire Discussion (7 Comments) More posts from the csgo community. 9.9k. Posted by 2 days ago. Ah shit, here we go again. 9.9k. 124 comments. share. save. hide. report. 7.7k. Posted by 5 days ago. Pro's dont fake. 7.7k. 44 comments. share. save. hide. report . 7.2k. Posted by.

I've downloaded a lot of workshop maps for aim and recoil training, and also the Yprac grenade tutorials. What I need help with, is how to set up maps that I can essentially prat about with smokes and mollies on, on my own. A few streamers I watch seem to be able to launch any map of their choosing with no bots, infinite time, infinite money, and just sit and try to come up with smokes all day. So, you're trying to get better at CSGO huh? Well, welcome to the club. Over the years thousands of community training maps have been created and only a few have stood the test of time. Here we'll be looking at solid AWP training maps that'll be sure to keep your adversaries reporting you for your.. Check out a variety of strats usable on the current Active Duty CSGO Maps. From little utility to a lot, these come with video walkthroughs for the various nades, as well as lineups. The strategies come from pro and semi-pro demos, so needless to say they are tested and effective when properly executed wie kann ich im Steam Workshop csgo maps/ aim training maps herunterladen? Hallo, ich möchte gerne mehr für csgo üben und weiß nicht wie ich die maps runterlade im Steam workshop. Wenn ich bei der jeweiligen Map auf abonnieren klicke kommt aber keine Info oder ähnliches. Unter Bibliotheken sind die dann auch nicht.. kann mir wer helfen?komplette Frage anzeigen. 1 Antwort smashhit81. 4 4. Crosshair Generator. 5 5. Training maps. 1. Aim botz. uLLeticaL's Aim botz might just be the most famous map among the CSGO community. From newbies to pros use this map or have used this map at some point. The map has many custom settings like headshot only or moving targets

Maps. Our app teaches you how to throw smokes, molotovs and incendiaries for following competitive CS:GO Maps: de_cache, de_dust2, de_inferno, de_mirage, de_nuke, de_overpass, de_train and de_vertigo. Smokes and Molotovs. We've added literally hundreds of instructions how to perfectly throw your nades. Multiple Points . We offer multiple throw-off positions for each grenade. And yes, of course. CS:GO Aim Training Maps, Recoil Training Maps, Reflection Training Maps. To get better in CS:GO you definitely have to put your time in it. And simply playing MM and Deathmatch would not help you to grow fast. There are many aspects you have to train for, including aiming skills, recoil control skills, strategy, your reflections, and so on

CSGO's newest commands for smokes and flashes. Here are CSGO's newer smoke commands. Added in September 2019, this command was probably created to help developers test Shattered Web's new bot executes before the operation released. Luckily for players, Valve decided to leave the command in the game for players to use. This command is a one-time. Last Updated: 22nd July, 2020 18:21 IST Best Aim Training Maps CSGO 2020: Learn How To Start Aim Training For CSGO Best aim training maps CSGO 2020 for you. Here is a list of top 4 most loved aim training maps in CSGO and also learn how to start aim training now Smokes really can make the difference between winning and losing in CSGO, and if you're unsure of your smokes' trajectory, throw distance, or the locations where you should be throwing them, you will lose grenades, and possibly more importantly, lose time in the heat of the moment. This is why practising all of your throws and shots is incredibly important before you actually go in and. Downloading practice maps from the csgo workshop. 4 months ago by Yesber. Aim training maps are an essential part of any good csgo practice routine. Here's how to get you started. Training from inside the game makes it easier to apply your new skills in a competitive match. That is why Yprac focuses on practice tools that you use from inside csgo. Here are the basics to get you up and running.

The map is still very new, so these changes have not yet been fully explored and new smokes and molotovs are likely to be discovered with time. Still, a few new grenade spots have already been discovered and many will remain in place from the original version of Cache, which should allow for more effective takes and retakes for knowledgeable players CSGO Maps für das Zieltraining in 2021. SkinCashier. Juni 21, 2021 . Die meisten Gamerunterschätzen das Zieltraining, achten nicht auf die vorgeschlagene Praxis, gehen in den competitive match zu den endlosen Niederlagen. Valve hat CS:GO-Maps für das Zieltraining entwickelt, auf denen Sie Ihre Schießkünste verfeinern und verschiedene Taktiken ausprobieren können. Die Fähigkeit das Ziel. CSGO Dust 2 Smoke Guide--Practice Dust 2 MAP- CSGO Smoke Practice MAP Dust The easy CSGO Cache Z Smoke from outside A main. Even with changes to CSGO's Cache and the addition of the mid window, the Z smoke is still an important part of the map's utility arsenal. After throwing this smoke, players can follow up with a flashbang without moving positions or their crosshair to flash the mid player off both window and white box. Head towards A main, but line up at the. CS:GO Train Map Guide. In this Train guide from ProGuides, you will learn advanced counter terrorist and terrorist side grenade placements, rotations from CT spawn T spawn, A to B bombsite and B to A bombsites

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What are the best CS:GO smokes? Mirage, Cache and Dust II are undoubtedly the most popular maps in CS:GO, so it makes sense to have a good basic knowledge of the best CSGO smokes to maximise your. It looks like several of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive maps have seen pretty big changes in the latest CS:GO update.Dust 2, Train, and Mirage have been on the receiving end of the more game. CSGO's Dust 2 B Doors smoke from upper tunnels. Besides the window smoke, door is the most finicky smoke that a player will throw. There is no point of reference for the perfect one, but practice helps and a toggleable crosshair does wonders. Start by risking the chokepoint cross, line up as shown below, crouch and left-click throw while still crouched. The resulting smoke blooms inside the. INFERNO GRENADES LEARN SMOKE, FLASH & MOLOTOV SPOTS OTHER MAPS SMOKE GRENADES A LONG FROM STAIRS A LONG FROM UNDER WINDOW A SITE ENTRY FROM BANANA APARTMENTS ONE-WAY BALCONY FRO

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Browse and download Minecraft Csgo Maps by the Planet Minecraft community CSGO's Steam workshop has everything from aim maps to full training maps designed to help players improve, and when it comes to finding new smokes and flashes, the classic grenade practice config is the best way to go. Create your own CSGO grenade lineups with 2021's grenade config. A practice config can be filled with commands that turn on all of CSGO's most helpful commands, but that's. In this guide, we provided you with a complete config file that can be used to practice and train various things offline. This includes practicing grenade throws, smoke grenades, spray patterns, recoil control and much more. We also went over various useful server commands, and console commands to control the bots in CS:GO SoThatWeMayBeFree offers you to learn new stuffs for Counter-Strike:Global Offensive. Whatever your level, from the beginner to the experienced player, many Smokes, Molotovs and Flashbangs will allow you to develop new strategies

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Dust 2 is a map, on which smoke grenade impact can be maximized. Therefore learn as much perfect smokes as you can, this will improve your win rate a lot. You can find a Dust 2 smoke grenade tutorial below. The Dust 2 double doors AWP control can tremendously change the game. The side that dominates the double doors will always have an. The skybox limitations have been removed, meaning if there's an angle, and you have enough arm strength, you can now throw a smoke grenade from one side of the map to the other To learn more about the best smokes and how to achieve them, check out our Best Training Maps guide. Here's a popular video guide for getting more out of CS:GO's Smoke Grenades. If it helps you, do support the creator by giving the video a thumbs-up CSGO Practice Config | Grenade Trajectory, Placing Bots & More. csgo practice config is prepared with the help of some of our pro cs go smurf account booster who boost these smurf accounts to high ranks such as the global elite and supreme master first class cs go ranks, here is the practice config itself if u just want to copy it and Practice. Train is an old-school bomb defusal map in the Counter-Strike series, appearing as far back as CS 1.6. It is set in Russia, and is seen as one of the more advanced maps to master in its playstyle and callouts. It is known as one of the maps with the most clear divide between which of the Terrorists or Counter Terrorists are favored, as it is widely agreed that the CT side is much easier to.

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  1. Easy CS:GO and Teamspeak hosting with great performance and pay as you go system. Used by pro teams and tournaments. Try for free
  2. 2. Map luyện aim và di chuyển của DC. Một phần góc map luyện tập di chuyển của 'DC - AIM & MOVEMENT - TRAINING'. Di chuyển trong CSGO là một trong những kĩ năng cực kì cần thiết nếu người chơi muốn nâng tầm của mình lên cao hơn nữa. Với khả năng di chuyển tốt thì các player sẽ.
  3. Best nades, smokes, and Molotovs. Like with most CSGO maps, smoke bombs are useful for controlling the Bombsites on this map. Both sides can make use of them, but there are also various points where Molotovs can be equally useful. There are many places on Mirage that need to be cleared out before it's safe to move and throwables are the.
  4. Mapy typu Smoke Training. Pora na naukę na najbardziej podstawowych, wręcz koniecznych taktyk z wykorzystaniem granatów (głównie dymnych, ale nie tylko). Mapy typu Smoke Training przeprowadzą Was krok po kroku przez wszystkie najważniejsze na mapie miejscówki. Najczęściej wygląda to tak, iż stajemy w wyznaczonym przez grę miejscu i zostajemy kierowani krok po kroku - czyli.
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  1. n メモ帳 Dolnmaさんが作った投げ物練習マップ一覧サイトに行く URLはこちら-> Training maps (Smoke, Molotov, Flash) by Dolnma; 練習したいマップの緑アイコンをクリックすると自動的にダウンロードされる Dust 2は旧Dust 2.
  2. Befehle in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. In der nachfolgenden Liste sind die gängigen Rcon-Befehle von Counter Strike Global Offensive zu finden. Damit die Befehle zur Verfügung stehen, muss eine Verbindung zum Server bestehen und der Login (mit dem Befehl rcon_password DEIN-RCON-PASSWORD) zur Konsole erfolgt sein
  3. Map Information. Creator: Valve. Scenario: Bomb defusal. Terrorists: Balkan. Counter Terrorists: SEAL Team 6. Location: Russia. Theme: Industrial. Overview . Valve made major improvements to Train as the textures were changed once more. The nuclear payloads were replaced with radioactive barrels and the position of the bomb target in Bombsite B was moved out of the enclosed loading docks to.

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  1. The map has been rebuilt from the ground up, and we look forward to seeing how players approach these gameplay changes over time. We hope you've enjoyed this preview of Train. As with our other maps, we will continue tweaking and adjusting Train based on your feedback. With these changes, we're excited to see Train once again become a.
  2. Hallo Leute ich wollte fragen welche möglichkeiten es in CSGO gibt die Maps besser kennen zu lernen? Wir sind ca 10 Leute die das Spiel neu angefangen haben und ausser 2-3 leuten noch nie CS gespielt haben jetzt suche ich möglichkeiten bei denen man irgendwie ungestört die Maps mal anschauen und evtl auch üben kann! Sollte es dazu schon einen Thread geben tut es mir leid ich habe nichts.
  3. That way, when playing training maps such as YPRAC and aim_botz, they're able to practice under the same conditions as live matches. Thankfully, doing so is an easy process. How to enable 128-tick.
  4. csgo smoke training maps provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module. With a team of extremely dedicated and quality lecturers, csgo smoke training maps will not only be a place to share knowledge but also to help students get inspired to explore and discover many creative ideas from themselves. Clear and detailed training.
  5. CSGO training maps - Training maps (Smoke, Molotov, Flash) Grenades are a great tool that many new players look past in CS:GO. There is a total of 5 different types of grenades in CS:GO; CSGO training maps - Warmup and Training. This map is a great tool to warm up yourself before playing real matches. There are all kinds of practices here that.
  6. KataS' training_aim_csgo2 map is one of the most straightforward aim training maps out there. The map filled with simple targets is an excellent choice for beginners. Going through KataS' trainig.
  7. We could write that every aim map is the best and no aim map is the best. Each of the above maps is valuable and helps the CS:GO community in training! You must decide for yourself which affects you the best. If you can not decide or do not know how to train in Counter-Strike, we recommend starting one of our training plans (in which we have.

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  1. Cette map est spécialement conçu pour la méthode d'entrainement de Deathmatch avec les bots. Les bots respawns dans le début de la corniche, et ont pour seul choix d'attaquer le BP A, l'endroit où est votre respawn. Votre but est de le défendre, tout en sachant que les bots reviendront à l'infini (appliquer la méthode expliquer n° 1)
  2. g, Counter Strike Global Offensive, CSGO, csgo ai
  3. Train Map Call-Outs. Please note that this is the overview for the old de_train. Season Map Call-Outs. Again, a big shout out to Froosh and all other community members who created these awesome call-outs! If something is missing or you have a better call-out, please post it in the comment below. Related Posts: New De_Nuke Map Callouts; Huge CS:GO Update - Operation Breakout; CS:GO Danger Zone.

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Smoke/flash training map for new Dust2? : GlobalOffensiv

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Hier findest Du nicht nur den Konsolenbefehl sondern auch die Voraussetzungen damit man überhaupt mit Waffe durch die Map fliegen kann, denn es geht nicht auf jedem Server. CS:GO Fliegen-Befehl: So funktioniert der Cheat. Voraussetzung für den Fliegen-Befehl in CS:GO ist sind Admin-Rechte bzw. ein Server mit aktivierten sv_cheats 1. Den Befehl sv_cheats 1 kennen sicher viele Spieler noch aus. Steam ワークショップ : Training - Situation 1位YPRAC MAPS. 主要マップそれぞれのトレーニングコースが用意されており、それぞれのマップで AIM練習などが行えます。AIM練習は、敵がよくいるポジションに配置されているモードや、ラッシュしてくる敵に当てるモードがあります。また、AIM練習以外にも. Map Code: 3847-4226-5095. 2. Skaavok Aim training (Chapter 2) If you're looking for a map more like Kovaaks (only free!) than a traditional Fortnite creative map this is the map for you. This map has options for everything. There are multiple maps for tile frenzy, tracking, flick shots, and even practice courses We're back! This time we'll go over how to attack on Train. At first this might seem a little tricky but as long as you use smokes before you attack you should be able to pick up a few rounds CSGO Wingman is a -2-versus-2 competitive match which is set on maps with one bombsite and uses a best-of-16 round format. If the total rounds end with a draw at the end then there is no extra round, the game just ends with a draw. These matches have similar rules to a standard competitive game but Wingman matches take place on smaller versions of most maps with invisible walls, spawns closer.

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