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FFX-2: Easy way to pay off O'aka's debt BlueMage279 6 years ago #1 Use Master Thief to steal Wall Rings from oversouled Bicocettes in the Thunder Plains. They sell for 2500 gil each FF X-2 question bout O'aka's debt If i failed to pay off his debt before CH3 but i pay off his debt after starting CH3 , will this effect the 100 % progress? Showing 1 - 8 of 8 comment You can clear O'aka's debt in chapter 1 if you grind the creature arenas. Once you clear his debt he will sell his wares at a 95% discount, which allows you to buy from him and sell to barkeep for.. For Final Fantasy X-2 on the PlayStation 2, a GameFAQs message board topic titled O'aka's debt - 100% question Final Fantasy X-2. Yuna helps O'aka pay his debt. After Yuna and her guardians felled Sin O'aka bought the Lake Macalania travel agency from Rin. When the temple sank to the bottom of the lake, O'aka found himself with few customers to sell to and in debt to the Al Bhed

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  1. Die IMHO beste Möglichkeit, möglichst schnell im 1. Kapitel O'aka's Schulden zu bezahlen: Sphero-Break Damit habe ich afair innert 2-3 Stunden (könnte auch etwas länger gehen, ich muss es nochmals austesten) ohne Probs die Schulden bezahlen können. Taktik: - So oder so kann man nur einen Gegner wählen. Dieser ist auch der einfachste. Ziel der Taktik ist dabei, den Wert einer bestimmte Startmünze stets zu erhöhen. Anfangs habt ihr 5 Münzen mit je 100 Gil Wert
  2. I paid off O'aka's debt in Chapter 3, but I did so AFTER completing the mission in Macalania. He ran off as soon as I paid his debt and I got a warning at the airship destination screen, but when I visited, he's just inside the store looking at the destruction caused by the fiends before
  3. However if you helped O'aka pay off his debt or found him out in the Bikanel Desert he'll only sell you accesorries in Chapter 5. Before he heads off to Macalania Woods before Chapter 3 will you.
  4. indem du ihn aus Flugschiff mit nimmst und ihm bis Kapitel 3 seine Schulden abbezahlst, d.h. du musst bei ihm einkaufen. Er befindet sich dann an der Bar im Schiff. Antwort #3, 29. Juli 2008 um 08.
  5. Question about O'aka's debt in FFX-2 (for 100%) FF X. Doing a 100% playthrough, I got him on the ship early on, but for some reason I didn't know that buying items from him reduces his debt, and for some dumb reason I thought I resolved his debt (I also just started playing again after ragequitting a year ago over percentages)
  6. May 22, 06 at 6:02am (PST) ^. re: O'aka's Debt. I don't know where you are in the game but if you are in Chapter 2: -Save your game near Guadosalam. -Go to the inn in Guadosalam. -There should be.
  7. O'aka will be hiding on top of a tree, so move Yuna towards him and you'll be able to spot him and finally catch up. He'll ask for your help to clear his debt, so allow him to come back with you.

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Pay off O'aka's debt. Macalania. As soon as you arrival you'll be surrounded by enemies, your objective? survive all 6 waves without ever fleeing. + After completing this mission, you'll be rewarded with Berserker Dressphere, Al Bhed Primer and Pride of the Sword Grid Garment Note: Visit the south entrance to let Shinra place a CommSphere. Bikanel. After the introductory scene, head to the. Pay off O'aka's debt. FFX-2: Teamwork! 10. Win a blitzball match. FFX-2: Excellent Negotiator . 10. Use Bribe 30 times . FFX-2: Complete Ability . 10. Complete the ability set for one dress. FFX-2. I think you have to pay off his debt before Chapter 3 in order for you to get the really cheap merchandise. I personally like to do the O'aka mission in Chapter 1, mainly because it only takes. O'aka has purchased the lakeside shop in Macalania. Due to the fact that there are no customers, O'aka can not pay off his debt to the Al Bhed. After chasing him through the woods, the party is given the option to allow him onto the airship. Doing so enables them to help O'aka pay off his debt. After reducing his debt to zero and returning to Macalania, they find that the Al Bhed have been.

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FFX-2 1. Kapitel: O'aka geld bezahlen - Multimediaxi . Kaufen Sie HELLA 1FA 008 283-811 Fernscheinwerfersatz - FF 50 - FF/Halogen - H7 - 12V - oval - Ref. 12, 5 - glasklare Streuscheibe - transparent - Anbau - 4-polig - Einbauort: links/rechts - Menge: 2 - Set im Auto & Motorrad-Shop auf Amazon.de. Große Auswahl und Gratis Lieferung durch Amazon ab 29€ BLAST FF™ 2 wurde bewertet mit 5.0. (O'Aka folgen), O'Aka aufs Luftschiff einladen; redet mit O'Aka im Celsius; beendet O'Akas Schulden in Höhe von 100'000 Gil, bevor ihr die Rettungsmission in Kapitel 3 macht, indem ihr Items bei ihm kauft; Insel Bikanel: +0,7% (gesamt: 18,1%) - Mission abgeschlossen! (grabt die Maschina-Teile aus bevor die Zeit um ist) Bevelle: +0,7% (gesamt: 18,8%) - die Szene mit Baralai in Bevelle. FF X-2 - Geheimnisse: Wahrheit über das Anfangsvideo, Gutes Ende, FFX-2: Schon in Kapitel 1 999999 Gil, Unendlich Gil Quick note for this section: Make absolutely sure that you clear O'aka's debt of 100,000 gil before you venture into this area. Once you make it to O'aka's Travel Agency, you'll notice that the. First, you must pay off O'aka's debt (refer to Millionaire for more information). Then return to the agency in Lake Macalania in Chapter 3 and complete the Secure the Agency mission. After six battles, the mission will end, and you will receive the dressphere. Trainer. In Chapters 1 and 2, speak to Kimhari at Mount Gagazet and always choose the middle (second) option when given the choice. In.

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O'aka XXIII, merchant extraordinaire, is a traveling salesman that follows your team as you travel across Spira. There are various points of the game where you can purchase items from his traveling shop. During your first encounters with O'aka XXIII, including onboard the S.S. Liki, in the city of Luca and along the Mi'ihen Highroad, you will be given the opportunity to donate money to. For letting O'aka on the ship, you can buy items from him. These items are about 90% cheaper if you end up paying off all of O'aka's 100,000 Gil debt. Comments Guide Information. Publisher Square Enix; Platforms PC, Switch, PS2, PS3, PS4, Steam, XB1; Genre RPG; Guide Release 25 March 2015; Last Updated 22 February 2021 ; Guide Author Damir Kolar; Share this free guide: Set two years. Komplettlösung Kapitel 3. Diese Komplettlösung hat u.a. grafische Auszüge aus dem offiziellen Lösungsbuch. Legende: Zubehör, Kostüm-Sphäroiden, Kostümpaletten, bei Selten = das selbe wie normal. [ Kapitel 1] [ Kapitel 2] [Kapitel 3] [ Kapitel 4] [ Kapitel 5] Gleich zu Beginn erfahrt ihr, dass die Tempel von Monstern befallen sind Clear off O'aka's debts by buying 100,000 gil worth of items from him on the Airship. After you have cleared the debt, O'aka will start selling you items very cheap. Buy 99 of the items he sells, then fly to another location and sell them at over twice what you bought them for. For example, buy 99 High Potions from him for 50 gil each (total cost of 4950 gil). Then, fly to the Calm Lands and.

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After O'aka joins you on the ship, go through Chapter 2 until you get to the part where you can sell Data in Guatosalam. You can make more than enough Gil to pay off his debt in a short amount of time here. After his debt is paid off you can buy 99 hi-potions for ~5k and sell them for ~12.5k to the guy right across from him. Money will not be a problem after this point Komplettlösung Kapitel 4. Diese Komplettlösung hat u.a. grafische Auszüge aus dem offiziellen Lösungsbuch. Legende: Zubehör, Kostüm-Sphäroiden, Kostümpaletten, bei Selten = das selbe wie normal. [ Kapitel 1] [ Kapitel 2] [ Kapitel 3] [Kapitel 4] [ Kapitel 5] In Kapitel 4 gibts fast nichts zu tun, ihr könnt auch nicht frei herumreisen. Une fois que O'aka est à bord de votre vaisseau, vous allez pouvoir l'aider. Il se trouve dans la cabine et vous propose des articles à des prix défiants toutes concurrences. Seulement voila, ce pauvre bougre à de lourdes dettes. Pour être plus précis, il est endetté de 100 000 gils. C'est en achetant ses articles que vous lui viendrez en aide. Bien évidement, ça vous prendra du. Looks like good ol' O'aka the XXIII has gotten himself into a bit of trouble with the Al Bhed. We decided to hide him on the airship for a while, until he ca.. Trophäen-Leitfaden - Final Fantasy X-2 1x 5x 7x 22x = 35 Trophäen-Infos: Offline-Trophäen: 35 Online-Trophäen: 0 Verpassbare Trophäen: 11 Verbuggte Trophäen: 0 Automatische Trophäen: 10 Allgemeine Infos: Der Soft-Reset wird mit allen vier Schultertasten und und ausgeführt. Mit diesem findet man s..

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  1. (Follow that O'aka!) Allow O'aka to board the airship.-Board the airship and speak to O'aka in the Cabin.-Before the Chapter 3 mission titled Secure the Agency! ends, pay off all of O'aka's debt. Bikanel Desert: + 0.8%-Mission Complete! (Dig up the machina parts before times up.)-Watch the scene with Baralai. Calm Lands: + 0.2%-Watch the entrance scene.-Begin to advertise for a company.
  2. FFX-2: Millionaire . 10. Pay off O'aka's debt. This achievement must be done before you reach Macalania Woods in Chapter 2. First. In FFX-2 wurde O'Aka nicht gefangen, soweit ich mich erinnern kann. man kann es sich aussuchen - je nachdem, ob man oaka den al-bhed nach der mission in kapitel 1 übergibt (macalania-wald). hat aber keine großartigen veränderungen auf den spielverlauf (hab.
  3. FFX-2: Millionaire. Pay off O'aka's debt. FFX-2: Teamwork! Win a blitzball match. FFX-2: Excellent Negotiator. Use Bribe 30 times . FFX-2: Complete Ability. Complete the ability set for one dress.

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-O'aka Overboard-O'aka has paid off his debts and jumped ship! He's headed for the travel agency in Macalania, of course. End cutscene Buddy: The distress calls are coming from Besaid and Kilika Temples. Hey, we just got another call. This time it's New Yevon. Yikes. Well, I think we've got enough distress calls. Leave the fee negotiations to Your Friendly Neighborhood Buddy! Default. Item Name Cost; Gris-Gris Bag: 4000: Favorite Outfit: 4000: Regen Bangle: 3000: Wall Ring: 10000: Dream Shock: 15000: Venom Shock: 1500

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  1. Dahil Matagumpay kong natapos ang Final Fantasy X at natalo si Penance, ang goal ko naman dito sa X-2 ay 100% sa First playthrough at tapusin ang Farplane Cu..
  2. Bikanel is an island to the west of the Spira mainland in Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. It is primarily a large, arid desert with an oasis, featuring palm trees and a drinkable water source. Many ruins and sand-swept campsites dot the landscape. The Al Bhed town Home is situated in the..
  3. Ein großes Problem der FFX-2 Spieler ist die Komplettierung der Episoden in Kapitel 5, zumal die Lösungsbücher falsche Hinweise liefern. Das Hauptziel ist natürlich das Maskottchen, das man auf dem Celsius von Kumpelchen, Brüderchen, Shinra und Mr. Schank bekommt, nachdem man alle Episoden abgeschlossen hat. Dabei gibt es 6 wichtige Punkte: einige Gebiete erlauben 2 solche Episode.
  4. (von anderswo in diesem Pop-Up gelandet? Hier gehts zurück zur Seite: Final Fantasy X-2 - Accessoires- Final Fantasy Corner) Hier also die versprochene Übersicht aller FF X-2 Accessoires: Name Preis Auto-Ability Ability Wirkung Fundort Adamant - Auto-Shell/ Protes - HP +100%, Abwehr/ Z-Abwehr +120, Geschick -30 höchstes Lv. bei Revolver-Heldin Amulett 1000 - - Magie [
  5. But The FFX-2 Ultimania Said And Shown The Way To Get 100% In One Try. That Is To Choose Youth League In The Beginning Of Story Level 2. Now, Follow . Have you played Final Fantasy X-2? YES NO.
  6. Step 1: Complete the main game. Final Fantasy X-2 HD is comprised of five story chapters. In this step, you want to concentrate on obtaining every missable trophy. This includes, but is not limited to, getting every dressphere, every Episode Complete, listening to all of Maechen's stories, acquiring five Blue Bullet skills, using Mix thirty times as an Alchemist, paying off O'aka's debt, and.

re: FFX-2 100% completion help. i think that u guys (if u aren't keeping up with the percentages in teh guide) missed somethin b/c i got 100 on my first time with the bradygames guide by choosing. Pay off O'aka's debt 25.33% Uncommon: Missable. This trophy is missable because you need to pay off O'aka's debt before the end of Chapter 2. In Chapter 1 or 2, complete the 'Follow that O'aka!' mission in Macalania and let O'aka board the Celsius. After that, speak with him in the Celsius Cabin and he will ask your help to quit a 100,000 gil debt by purchasing his items. You can easily make. Bevelle: Geweihte Brücke, bei O'aka (100 Gil) Stille Ebene (100 Gil) Berg Gagazet (100 Gil) Flugschiff (100 Gil) Info: Das eigentlich hinterlassene Item wird in einen Ability-Sphäroiden umgewandelt. Die Anzahl bleibt unverändert.. In FFX-2 wurde O'Aka nicht gefangen, soweit ich mich erinnern kann. 30.11.2004 00:10 #17. Evanescence. Profil Beiträge anzeigen General Zitat von Aki. At O'aka's first 3 locations, the player has the opportunity to donate him gil to start up hi ; Tipps & Tricks :: Final Fantasy X :: icksmehl . Details about the mysterious traveling salesman, O'aka XXIII, including donating gil to him and a. FF X-2 - Tipps und Tricks: Trainiere Diva, Schwarzmagier und Item-Schütze, Eine Menge Moos und O'akas garantiert gerettet., Flare und Ultima bekommen, Besserer Heiler als der Weißmagier, Kampf.

Only answer to the very last one, so you can make 90,00 gil. Now you can go back to the airship and finally clear O'aka's debt, right? Also, from your trip into Guadosalam, you should've figured out where you can get the three Syndicate uniforms--in Djose, Mount Gagazet, and in Bikanel. But don't go into these areas just yet, there's plenty more to do around here. You can also buy Hi-potions. If you paid off O'aka's debt, then O'aka runs in at this point. Otherwise, the cutscene ends and you're taken to the front of the agency, where Shinra installs a Commsphere (NOTE: still need to get his dialogue for that). O'aka: Ah! What's happened to me shop? O'aka: Come on, lad, I've come to give back the money I owe ye! O'aka: Ye can't die before I pay ye back! Think of me. In FFX-2 wurde O'Aka nicht gefangen, soweit ich mich erinnern kann. man kann es sich aussuchen - je nachdem, ob man oaka den al-bhed nach der mission in kapitel 1 übergibt (macalania-wald). hat aber keine großartigen veränderungen auf den spielverlauf (hab beides probiert) Test PS2 Final Fantasy X-2 - Test. Mitte Februar erscheint das bislang erfolgreichste RPG-Sequel aller Zeiten. Unter dem Motto Vieles neu, alles besser..

FFX 2 Info verkaufen. Er wird einem eine Information für 10.000 Gil verkaufen, die man anschließend selbst wieder verkaufen kann. Außerdem gibt er einem noch einen Hinweis darauf, wer in Guadosalam die Information kaufen will. Sollte der Hinweis Du wirst überrascht sein, das steht schon mal fest. lauten, spricht man den Inhaber mit an und verkauft ihm die Infos somit für 100.000 Gil Anfang Jänner durften wir Ihm zum 80. Geburtstag gratulieren. Weiterlesen 80. Geburtstag von EHFM Franz Kölbl . Navigation überspringen. Startseite. FFX-2: Sphere Breaker: 10 : Win 10 times at Sphere Break : FFX-2: Alchemist: 10 : Use Mix 30 times : FFX-2: Learner: 10 : Learn 5 Blue Bullet skills : FFX-2: Millionaire: 10 : Pay off O'aka's debt FFX-2: Dousing the Fire. Defeat Zalamander. 10. 4.84% (100.0) FFX-2: Sphere Breaker. Win 10 times at Sphere Break. 10. 2.79% (152.7) FFX-2: Alchemist. Use Mix 30 times. 10. 3.22% (127.0) FFX-2: Learner. Learn 5 Blue Bullet skills. 10. 2.53% (166.6) FFX-2: Millionaire. Pay off O'aka's debt. 10. 4.81% (100.0) FFX-2: Teamwork! Win a blitzball match. 10. 2.76% (152.7) FFX-2: Excellent Negotiator. Credits and distribution permission. Other user's assets All the assets in this file belong to the author, or are from free-to-use modder's resources; Upload permission You can upload this file to other sites but you must credit me as the creator of the file; Modification permission You are allowed to modify my files and release bug fixes or improve on the features so long as you credit me as. But if you would like an easier way of paying off O'aka's debt (although you can still pay off his debt by the end of Chapter 3 just by only selling stuff you don't need to the Gullstore on the Airship and other shops in Spira and only buying stuff from O'aka), then please continue reading the paragraph below as well as the chart below that. Upon entering the area, head toward the chateau.

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You will find O'aka standing across from Barkeep near a table. Speak to him to learn more about his problem. He owes 100,000 Gil to the Al Bhed. Turns out you are going to be the one that pays his debt. It's not all a waste! You will do so by purchasing items from him at a discount. Once you help him clear his debt, he will offer an even bigger discount (Once you have this discount it is. Gib O'aka 100.000 Gil, damit er seine Schulden zurückzahlen kann. Später wird er sehr günstige Items verkaufen. Beispielsweise kosten Hi-Potions nur 50 Gil, können aber für den dreifachen Preis verkauft werden. Kaufe also 99 Hi-Potions bei O'aka und verkaufe dann die Hi-Potions wieder, um Gewinn zu machen. Tidus in Blitzball . Schalte das glückliche Ending frei, fange ein neues Spiel. Also I didn't pay off O'aka Debt in Chapter 2 I did it in 3.. Does it matter tho? 2 He stays awhile and u can buy stuff dirt cheap and sell for profit while 3 he jumps ship and heads for his shop

Pat of o'kas debt and he will give you a major discount so buy 99 of something then sell it to barkeep for more and repeat it over and over again intil you have a load of cash, simple. Comments . 2 0 . Making Money Is Now Easy. It starts out in Chapter One. Do the mission at the Macalania Agency to find O'aka XXIII. When you finish the mission, Allow him to come aboard the Airship. You will. If you didn't get the scene with O'aka the first time, you have to get it now. **Bikanel:** Nothing on either camera, though the first one will explode. **Bevelle:** Nothing. **Calm Lands:** Nothing. **Mt. Gagazet:** Nothing. **Zanarkand:** There's a scene with Isaaru. If you turn to the left, you'll see Isaaru lying on the ground; zoom in and you'll hear him say something. Warning: 100%. How to Obtain: Follow O'aka in Macalania in Chapters 1 or 2. Chapter 1 - Macalania has the details. YRP Auto-Abilities: Ice Eater, Blizzard. YRP Gate-Crossing Abilities: *Yellow* : Icestrike *Red & Green* : Blizzara *Red, Green, & Yellow* : Blizzaga **Creatures' Abilities** : Ice Eater, Icebrand Menace of the Deep¶ View Full-size. Subsubscribe to Premium to Remove Ads. How to Obtain: During.

Focus on the Agency's front door; you'll see O'aka and he'll talk about business for a while. **Bikanel - Camera 1 (Excavation Area):** Speak with Nhadala. You can leave after she eventually mentions a new threat. **Bikanel - Camera 2 (Cactuar Nation):** Nothing required for 100% here. **Bevelle:** Nothing required for 100% here. **Calm Lands - Camera 1 (Travel Agency):** Nothing for 100%. I got enough money to pay off O'aka's entire debt mid way through the first chapter. Also a lot of good accessories including an adamantite, shining bracer (auto protect), I think there's a way to get auto-haste, champion belts (atk/def + 40), regal crowns (mag/mdef+40), crystal ball (magic+50), Rabbits Foots (+100 Luck, meaning you dodge almost everything, have a lot more accuracy, and most. FFX-2 HD Missing 1% in Chapter 1? the only thing I didn't do is talk to O'aka before he started running off in Macalania Woods but I still completed the mission, got him aboard the ship, and talked to him in the cabin. I haven't erased his debt yet, is that the 0.2% I'm missing? Help, please! UPDATE: For anyone who plays through and has this same problem, it turns out that if you can't pay.

Pay off O'aka's debt: FFX-2: Monster Master (35 GP) Complete Shinra's Bestiary: FFX-2: Overkill (15 GP) Deal 99999 damage with one attack: FFX-2: Specialty (10 GP) Obtain one special dress: FFX-2: Sphere Breaker (10 GP) Win 10 times at Sphere Break: FFX-2: Sphere Hunter (15 GP) Obtain all dresspheres: FFX-2: Still a Ways (10 GP) Reach the 20th floor of Iutycyr Tower and defeat the boss: FFX-2. Yuna in FFX or Yuna in FFX-2 - last post by @ Aug 11, 2006 Why FFX-2 is better than FFX - last post by @ Feb 2, 2005 Just finished FFX, now starting FFX-2--Differences - last post by @ Dec 15, 2009 FFX-2 info(for newbies to FFX-2) - last post by @ Mar 20, 2004 Impressions of FFX-2 - last post by @ Jan 11, 200 Il suffit en fait de faire la quête annexe Payer la dette de O'aka pour les avoir assez facilement. Notez toutefois qu'il n'est pas obligatoire d'acheter la Clef de Besaid tout de suite, vous pourrez l'avoir gratuitement à l'Acte 3. Deux choix s'offrent alors à vous : Acheter la Clef tout de suite : Dans ce cas, vous pourrez gagner tout de suite la palette Colosse déchaîné et un Ether.

FF X-2 - Tipps und Tricks: Bevelle 2.Kapitel, Erklärungen, Neues Spiel + (Progressiv), Leveln des Weißmagiers leichter denn je, leicht Geld verdienen Final Fantasy; FFX-2 1. Kapitel: O'aka geld bezahlen; FFX-2 1. Kapitel: O'aka geld bezahlen . Themen-Optionen. Druckbare Version zeigen; Thema weiterempfehlen Thema abonnieren Seite 1 von 2 1 2 Letzte. Gehe zu Seite: Ergebnis 1 bis 20 von 30 21.03.2004 07:43 #1. OutriderX. Profil Beiträge anzeigen Waldläufer FFX-2 1. Kapitel: O'aka geld bezahlen hi soll ich nun wirklich 100000 Gil. The story. Ffx 2 besaid such sphäroid Was ist das Geheimnis des Besaid-Sc: Kaufen: Macalania (500 Gil) Macalania, bei O'aka (1.000 Gil Betretet den Raum am Speicher-Sphäroiden um dort 2 Feuersteine zu finden (Karte: B), verlasst dann die Kammer und sucht rechts von einer Tür nach, um ein Äther zu finden (Karte: A), das auf der Karte mit H vermerkte Objekt sind verwelkte Blumen, die ihr für Feuer. FFX-2 1. Kapitel: O'aka geld bezahlen hi soll ich nun wirklich 100000 Gil bezahlen? lohnt das? bekomme ich auch ohne das im 1. Kapitel 100%? wie schaffe ich das denn, ausser stundenlang monster zu hauen? gibts da nen trick? Gib Korrupt Keine Chance!!! 21.03.2004 08:15 #2. DarkOverlord. Profil Beiträge anzeigen Lehrling also für die 100 % musst du ihn von der schuld erlösen. damit du zu. FFX. If you pay off O'aka's debts now, he will jump ship and head to the Travel Agency, where you can find him alone in the shop, with the same options as above. ZANARKAND This is what happens if you don't visit Zanarkand at all in Chapters 2, 3, and don't see its Commspheres in 4. Same airship description. Woman in white: A few monkeys don't bother us at all. Shirtless man: The dome has been.

Evil Debt Collector: Somebody involved with the making of this game definitely seemed to have something against debt collectors. In Chapter 1, you can choose to hide O'aka from a group of Al Bhed debt collectors on the Celsius, though you are also allowed to turn him over to them. In Chapter 4, you must pursue Tobli, who is on the run from debt. FFX 2 catch chocobo. Just to be a bit more clear - the chocobos you catch don't need to be Bold. Any chocobos works fine. This is the way I would recommend going about the chocobo ranch business: - Capture as many chocobos as you can. I went through the Calm Lands with a Lure Bracer (must enter Calm Lands via airship!) and caught all the ones I encountered Erlaubt O'Aka an Bord der Celsius zu gehen (übergebt ihn nicht den Al Bhed!) Kehrt auf die Celsius zurück und sprecht in den Quartieren einmal mit O'Aka; Bikanel (0,8): Sorgt dafür, dass Nadhala auftaucht, indem ihr mit jeder anwesenden Person sprecht; Sprecht mid Nadhala und und zeigt ihr die Empfehlung ; Holt euch in der Mission einfach das gelbe X und beendet die Mission; Macht an dieser.

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