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USD Coin (USDC) ist ein vom CENTRE-Konsortium entwickelte und durch den US-Dollar vollständig gedeckter Stablecoin. Coinbase-Kunden mit US-Dollar-Konten können 1 USDC für 1,00 USD (und umgekehrt) bei Coinbase in Ländern und Gebieten umtauschen, in denen USDC unterstützt wird USD Coin (USDC) is a stablecoin fully backed by the US dollar and developed by the CENTRE consortium. Coinbase customers with US dollar accounts may exchange 1 USDC for US$1.00 (and vice versa) on Coinbase in jurisdictions where USDC support is available USD Coin (USDC) is a stablecoin that runs on the Ethereum blockchain and can be exchanged at a one-to-one ratio with the U.S. dollar. Its goal is to make transactions faster and cheaper than traditional payments while reducing the volatility typically associated with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin

USDC IS A DIGITAL CURRENCY AND COINBASE HAS NO RIGHT TO USE ANY USDC YOU HOLD ON COINBASE. COINBASE IS NOT A DEPOSITORY INSTITUTION, AND YOUR USDC WALLET IS NOT A DEPOSIT ACCOUNT. YOUR USDC WALLET IS NOT INSURED BY THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION (FDIC) OR THE SECURITIES INVESTOR PROTECTION CORPORATION (SIPC). What is USDC Rewards Coinbase, die beliebteste Kryptowährungsbörse in den Vereinigten Staaten, erweitert das eigene Geschäftsmodell und bietet seinen Kunden nun für das Halten des Stablecoins USD (USDC) auf den eigenen Konten 1,25% Zinsen pro Jahr. Das Angebot kann somit durchaus als Konkurrenzprodukt zum klassischen Tagesgeldkonto einer Bank verstanden werden

Der USD Coin (USDC) ist ein Stablecoin, das unter dem Open-Source-Technologieprojekt CENTER entwickelt wurde. CENTER ist eine Kooperation von Circle und Coinbase. Der USDC basiert auf dem ERC-20 Standard von Ethereum. Gedeckt ist der USDC mit US$ For Coinbase USDC operations, all the standard fees apply. A minimum USDC redemption amount is 100 USDC. The tokens are processed on business days only, and the process can take up to 24 hours. There's no minimum tokenization amount, and the process can take up to 2 business days. In general, stablecoins like USDC are used to: Short cryptocurrencies without cashing out and make it easier to. USD Coin (known by its ticker USDC) is a stablecoin that is pegged to the U.S. dollar on a 1:1 basis. Every unit of this cryptocurrency in circulation is backed up by $1 that is held in reserve, in a mix of cash and short-term U.S. Treasury bonds

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What is USD Coin (USDC)? USD Coin (USDC) is a stablecoin developed by the Centre Consortium, a collaboration between Coinbase and Circle Internet Financial (Circle). Circle is the issuer of USDC. All issuers use a reserve bank account to hold US Dollars that back USDC in circulation First you should send your USDC into your Coinbase account. To do this, please check out this Help Article. Additionally, please note that Coinbase QR codes for receiving ERC-20 tokens are formatted using EIP681. Please ensure that if you are using this code to send into Coinbase, that the 3rd party's method of reading this code supports this formatting. Otherwise, you can always copy the. The Bobcat Miner 300 so far has been the hardest miner to purchase by taking USDC or USDT ONLY. They offered PayPal earlier but PayPal was withholding funds. Die US-Exchange Coinbase nutzt das Ethereum Update Constantinople, um für ihre Kunden Transaktionen in Kryptowährungen bereitzustellen. Tausende Händler auf der ganzen Welt können dank des USD Stable Coin (USDC) ohne die Gefahr von Volatilität Zahlungen entgegennehmen. Coinbase Commerce existiert seit Anfang 2018. Online-Händler. Send some love, give a Crypto Trading Course: https://profitablecryptotrader.comMy Watchlist & Reviews: https://crypto.enzlo.com/Subscribe: https://www.you..

Support for FIX API and REST API. Easily deposit funds via Coinbase, bank transfer, wire transfer, or cryptocurrency wallet. × . Get the Coinbase Pro app Trade crypto on your phone. Log in. ETH-USDC. 2,458.42 USDC Last trade price-2.57% 24h price. 7,330 ETH 24h volume. Start trading Ether. Get Started. Order Form. BUY. SELL. Market Limit Stop. Amount. USDC. Fee ≈ N/A USDC. Total ≈ N/A ETH. USDC Overview. US Dollar Coin (USDC) has been gaining strong traction within the DeFi ecosystem. With support on many of the top DeFi protocols, many have recognized USDC as the second-choice stable coin behind Dai.. USDC was created by CENTRE - a consortium founded by Coinbase and Circle. CENTRE is responsible for the issuance, governance, and administrative tasks surrounding USDC, and. Rewards for holding USDC on Coinbase are now significantly reduced. Coinbase announced the reward from holding USDC in Coinbase accounts would drop from 1.25% to just 0.15% via an email announcement early Tuesday morning. The 88% reduction brings the annual interest rate closer to those offered by major banks, and well below savings rates offered by some other banking and fintech institutions

Starting today, Coinbase customers in supported jurisdictions can buy, sell, send and receive the USD Coin stablecoin (USDC) at Coinbase.com and in the Coinbase iOS and Android apps. US customers outside New York state can buy and sell, and customers around the world can send and receive. More geographies will be available in the future Coinbase Pro | Digital Asset Exchange. We use our own cookies as well as third-party cookies on our websites to enhance your experience, analyze our traffic, and for security and marketing. For more info, see our Cookie Policy USDC is available to trade at seven different exchanges, including Coinbase, Poloniex, Binance, and KuCoin. For Coinbase Pro or Coinbase Prime users, you're able to purchase and sell USDC from all regions of the world. If you have USDC on Coinbase, it's simple to convert your USDC back into fiat and withdraw to your bank account

Support for FIX API and REST API. Easily deposit funds via Coinbase, bank transfer, wire transfer, or cryptocurrency wallet. × . Get the Coinbase Pro app Trade crypto on your phone. Log in. LOOM-USDC. 0.067023 USDC Last trade price-5.55% 24h price. 15,015,378 LOOM 24h volume. Start trading Loom Network. Get Started. Order Form. BUY. SELL. Market Limit Stop. Amount. USDC. Fee ≈ N/A USDC. Disclaimed:I'm not a professional :).In this video I show you how to use your USDC wallet in Coinbase . The USDC wallet is an alternative to the USD wallet,. How to buy USDC on coinbase with USD? Create or sign in to your Coinbase account. Convert USDC at a ratio of US$1.00 for 1 USDC with no fees. Send elsewhere or convert back into dollars on Coinbase Yes! I still have 15 USDC sitting in Binance. I can't trade that because Binance is no longer serving in the US. I can't transfer it to binance.us and I can't transfer it any wallet due high ETH gas fee. So yes. You have to wait till Coinbase moves to Eth2.0. 1. level 2 Coinbase should have seen a foreign IP address and flagged this suspicious activity. Numerous transactions occurred while I tried to disable my account, which is where I am left now, with (at the time of market) nearly $90k worth of crypto frozen/disabled with no support from Coinbase. I receive the same generic messages everyone on Reddit has mentioned. An account specialist is looking at.

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Coinbase currently supports one fiat-backed stablecoin, USDC. Like many other stablecoins, USDC currently operates on the Ethereum blockchain. Stablecoins such as USDC are not hindered by the volatility of non-pegged cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, while inheriting some of their most powerful properties Sadly you sent your USDC on the wrong network, should have used ERC20 to send to Coinbase. Only Coinbase has the ability to recover your funds right now, you will have to beg them to do it and it is very likely they won't want to lift a finger for you. 2. level 2. sunnsand14 Ab heute können US-Coinbase-Kunden USDC auf der Website oder mittels der iOS- und Android-App kaufen und verkaufen bzw. senden und empfangen. Die restlichen Kunden weltweit können einstweilen USDC nur senden und empfangen, in Zukunft werden noch mehr Regionen die USD-Coin auch traden können Centre's technology for fiat-backed stablecoins brings stability to crypto. The initial implementation is USD Coin (USDC), an ERC-20 token creating possibilities in payments, lending, investing, trading and trade finance — and the ecosystem will grow as other fiat currency tokens are added

Циркулирующее предложение составляет 23,674,730,737 USDC монет и макс. предложение отсутствует.Самые популярные биржи для торговли USD Coin в настоящее время: Binance, Huobi Global, OKEx, Coinbase Exchange, и Buy USDC on coinbase. Then use withdrawal on Coinbase pro to withdraw the USDC from coinbase, to coinbase pro. They charge a rediculous fee for this. Use a browser on desktop in CBP, transer in USD. Go to your profile page and hit the button to convert from USD to USDC

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USDC wird in den kommenden Wochen bei Coinbase Pro verfügbar sein, wird aber bereits auf der Coinbase-Wallet unterstützt. Jeder Handel ist riskant. Keine Gewinngarantie .Jeglicher Inhalt unserer Webseite dient ausschließlich dem Zwecke der Information und stellt keine Kauf- oder Verkaufsempfehlung dar Please follow the steps to buy USDC here. Create or sign in to your Coinbase account. Convert USDC at a ratio of US$1.00 for 1 USDC with no fees. Send elsewhere or convert back into dollars on Coinbase Don't know what's USDC? Click here. If you need ID verification, please refer to this video. After purchasing USDT, you're ready to start a trading bot on Pionex Coinbase does not support deposits from the Binance Smart Chain. If he truly did send 10k in USDC BEP-20 to Coinbase, then the funds are LOST FOREVER and NOT RECOVERABLE. This is a massive mistake, and a huge lesson in block chains. Binance has a smart chain that allows easy and fast trading between currencies for low fees, this block chain is. USDC Rewards is a way for Coinbase customers to earn a return on USD Coin holdings without having to sell or transact any cryptocurrency. In line with Coinbase's mission to make crypto accessible to everyone, USDC Rewards will enable more customers to take advantage of stablecoin rewards, simply and easily. Earning rewards on your USD Coins is simple. Eligible customers will begin earning.

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Coinbase has added 1 MM in USDC to Compound, a money market protocol. We will also add 1 MM in USDC to dYdX, a margin trading protocol and open trading platform for crypto assets. In both cases, the USDC tokens are available to borrow by any counterparty willing to provide crypto collateral and pay a floating interest rate. We encourage all DeFi developers and smart contract projects that want. I cannot buy usdc on coinbase pro with usdc. I know tried can be done on coinbase but that's not the question. 1. level 2. Coulter138. Op · 5m. You need to transfer your USDC to Coinbase then covert to USD. I just wanted more Bitcoin though, so I bought bitcoin with my USDC directly on coinbase pro. :) 交易所巨頭 Coinbase 宣布,將上架該平台「第一款」穩定幣「USDC」。 據 Coinbase官方部落格於10月23日週二公告,現在在紐約州之外的美國用戶可以透過該公司的iOS、安卓(Android)應用程式或是直接上Coinbase.com購買、出售、發送或接收USDC這款穩定幣,並表示接下來會再更多地區提供該穩定幣服務 Coinbase USDC Bootstrap Fund. It can be recalled that in September last year, Coinbase in its quest to boost the growth and adoption of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) products and the USD coin (USDC) announced the launch of a USDC Bootstrap Fund. At the time of the launch, an initial funding of $2 million was made toward the project by the exchange. Coinbase noted that the funding would be used.

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USDC v2: Upgrading a multi-billion dollar ERC-20 token. USD Coin (USDC) is a stablecoin brought to you by Centre, a consortium of which Coinbase and Circle are the founding members. Each USDC token is backed by one US dollar held in a bank, enabling the stablecoin to maintain a 1:1 exchange rate with the US Dollar Institutions Are Coming for Your Bitcoins (BTC) As USDC Whales Make Massive Deposits on Coinbase. On Saturday, December 19, Bitcoin (BTC) surged past $24,000 levels but has been moving sideways since then and is currently flirting around $23,500. However, the party doesn't seem to end anytime soon. Crypto analyst King Young Ju points out that.

At this time, Coinbase Commerce is a cryptocurrency-only service, meaning you can't link your bank account directly to your Commerce account. However, you can convert your funds to USDC or withdraw them to your Coinbase account. From there can you withdraw to your linked bank account. If you don't have Coinbase, please visit www.coinbase.com to sign up. Why do I have to pay a network fee. Coinbase's offering is not lending and just a savings account, giving customers an annual yield of 1.25 percent on their USDC Just a month after Binance announced their foray into margin lending services, Coinbase has now confirmed they will allow customers to earn a fixed yield on their USDC deposits All are USDC-only pairs on Coinbase pro. No USD pairing. Sucks for all the holders that Coinbase has chosen to bury these coins under a separate USDC menu. Out of site, out of mind for noobies. Last year, Coinbase said they were going to add a BAT-USD pair. They tried, but the liquidity was not enough to open for trading. So I don't have high hopes for these coins ever getting a USD-pairing. 3.

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How to transfer USDC from Coinbase to Pionex? Step 1. Get your Pionex USDC address on the deposit page. Select USDC; Copy the address. Deposit Page on Pionex Step 2. Visit the withdrawal page on Coinbase, select USDC. 3. Click Home 4. Click USD Coin Coinbase dashboard. 5. Input the amount you want to send. 6. Input the address you copied in Pionex. 7. Click Continue and enter. USDC Quotazione in tempo reale. Il prezzo odierno di The live . è di €0.824992 EUR con un volume di trading in 24 ore di €1,411,592,299 EUR.. USD Coin ha registrato un aumento del 0.03% nelle ultime 24 ore. L'attuale posizione in classifica su CoinMarketCap è #8, con una capitalizzazione di mercato pari a €19,602,706,481 EUR Ha un'offerta circolante pari a 23,761,078,271 USDC. e la. USDC conversion-and-transfer-only mode. Starting at 10am PT on Thursday, October 25, customers will be able to convert USD to USDC and back, and to transfer USDC into and out of their Coinbase Pro accounts. Customers will not yet be able to place orders and no orders will be filled on the BTC/USDC and ETH/USDC order books. These order books.

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  1. Coinbase hat 1.1 Mio. USDC in Uniswap, ein Protokoll für automatisierte Liquidität bei Ethereum, und PoolTogether, ein von Ethereum betriebenes Sparspiel, investiert
  2. Les réserves en circulation sont de 23,715,089,899 USDC jetons et le maximum. Les réserves ne sont pas disponibles.Les meilleures plateformes d'échanges pour le trading de USD Coin sont actuellement Binance, Huobi Global, OKEx, Coinbase Exchange, et . Vous pouvez en trouver davantage sur notre
  3. Starting today, Coinbase users will earn interest for every USDC they hold on the Coinbase exchange, the company announced Wednesday. UPDATE: Oct. 3, 2019, 9:18 p.m. CEST Coinbase got back to me.
  4. Pete Kim, who has helped build the USDC stablecoin version 2.0 and the Coinbase Wallet, has published an update on upgrading one of the world's largest digital assets, USDC, which is an.
  5. Vor ungefähr zwei Monaten kündigte das Krypto-Austauschunternehmen Coinbase die Unterstützung der von Circle ausgegebenen stabilen Münze an, um seinen Kunden aus verschiedenen Regionen den Kauf, Verkauf, Versand und Empfang der USD-stabilen Münze zu ermöglichen. Heute bietet das Unternehmen Unterstützung für die US-Dollar-Stallmünze an und ermöglicht Kunden in der unterstützten.
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  7. utes. Go into your BitMart account and Search for USDC. Then, click Deposit. The 'Address' it gives you is where you will want to send your USDC Coinbase coins. For the sake of the exercise, I have used a test address. (I highly recommend applying for level 2 account.

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  1. With $5 billion in growth in under two weeks, USDC is the fastest growing stablecoin USD Coin is an ERC-20 stablecoin brought to you by Circle and Coinbase. It is issued by regulated and licensed financial institutions that maintain full reserves of the equivalent fiat currency. LEARN MORE Get involved with Centre. We are looking for organizations that want to change the global financial.
  2. Boasting of market cap of over $500 million, USDC stands out in the crypto space. Built on Ethereum's ERC-20 network, issued by Coinbase and backed by Circle consortium. As of December 1, 2019, over $1.3 billion USDC has been issued with $830 million redeemed, the exchange note
  3. Coinbase has said that it will reduce the annual rewards on holding USDC stablecoins by 88% in a recent email announcement. The firm noted that the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) will be adjusted to 0.15% from the current 1.25% as of today, June 3, 2020. The notice sent out by Coinbase said, We periodically assess [
  4. Coinbase Tax Resource Center. For the 2020 US tax season, Coinbase will issue the IRS Form 1099-MISC for rewards and/or fees through Coinbase.com, Coinbase Pro, and Coinbase Prime. Non-US customers will not receive any forms from Coinbase and must utilize their transaction history to fulfil their local tax obligations
  5. Coinbase ist ein beliebter und verantwortungsvoller Kryptowährungs-Broker. Mit der App können Sie Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum und andere Kryptowährungen einfach und problemlos kaufen, verkaufen, speichern und verwalten. Coinbase hat eine intuitive und übersichtliche Benutzeroberfläche mit Grafiken und Charts für die Analyse Ihrer Finanzen
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  7. The second-most popular US dollar-pegged stablecoin, USDC, today found a new home on the Algorand blockchain.. This means that the stablecoin developed by Centre — a partnership between leading US crypto exchange Coinbase and payments firm Circle — has finally reduced its reliance on Ethereum, the other major blockchain network that houses USDC, since announcing its intention to migrate in.

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Verbraucher können die Coinbase App nutzen, um USDC an jemanden zu senden, während sie sich sicher sind, dass der Wert stabil bleibt. Verwendung in dApps und Börsen. Es gibt ein wachsendes Ökosystem aus dApps, Exchanges und Blockchain-basierten Spielen. Ein USDC folgt dem ERC20-Standard, d.h. er kann mit jeder App verwendet werden, die Token auf Basis dieses Standards akzeptiert. Der USDC. USDC will be issued by Circle, Coinbase will be the platform that users can access to make deposits, convert fiat currency into USDC tokens and it will facilitate USDC transactions while also providing the ability to shift back and forth from fiat to cryptocurrencies. Coinbase & Circle Collaberation . Coinbase, valued at roughly $8 billion and Circle, with a $3 billion valuation, are two of. USDC, the US dollar-pegged stablecoin managed by Circle and Coinbase, is coming to the Stellar blockchain, Circle announced today.. Circle will add USDC support to Stellar's vast array of products, among them payments tools, infrastructure APIs and business accounts products, by the first quarter of next year Now, users in the US can buy USDC on Circle or Coinbase and use it on OpenSea, along with the Dai stablecoin. We'll be adding support for other ERC-20 tokens soon, so be sure to join us in our Discord server to request your favorite token. Bid on NFTs using USDC! USDC is an ERC-20 stablecoin, which means that its value is protected against some of cryptocurrency's notorious price swings. Coinbase and Circle joined together to create USD Coin, a dollar-backed stablecoin that enables anyone in the world to use a digitized dollar on the Ethereum blockchain. Our Rating: Market. Problem that it solves. USD Coin take the volatility out of digital currencies through its one-to-one backing with US dollars in a regulated bank account. USDC operates as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum.

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  1. USDC is a fiat-backed stablecoin supported by Coinbase and Circle Invest and first announced in September 2018. Safety. A stable value isn't everything. Traders and investors also must have confidence that their chosen stablecoin won't get wiped out by an unforeseen black swan event. USDC is backed by US dollars held in bank accounts
  2. alité financière - Centre Consortium, l'organisation derrière le stablecoin USDC, cofondé par Coinbase et Circle, a mis sur liste noire sept adresses. Selon les données publiées par Dune Analytics, sept adresses Ethereum inactives contenant des USDC ont été.
  3. Coinbase ist auch in Deutschland eine der bekanntesten Handelsbörsen, um Kryptowährungen wie Bitcoin, Ethereum und Litecoin zu kaufen und zu verkaufen.Die Webseite bietet ihre Dienstleistungen.
  4. There seems to be no stopping the growth in the supply of stablecoins, but Coinbase-backed USDC in particular has reported massive gains this year to become the second-most used stablecoin.. The total supply of USDC has topped $1.8 billion, rising more than 80% since the beginning of July and more than 250% since the beginning of 2020, according to data collected from Coin Metrics
  5. Coinbase is putting money to work as part of a bid to grow the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. Announced Tuesday, the US cryptocurrency exchange is investing 1 million USDC each in lending.
  6. Coinbase considers XRP and USDC optimized for cross-border transmission and uses the following table to illustrate the benefits of using XRP and/or USDC for this purpose over doing bank transfers: In case you are wondering, although you can send other cryptocurrencies that are supported by Coinbase to another Coinbase user or to an account outside of Coinbase, such transfers will.

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usdc Ian Allison Dec 1, 2020 Centre, the Coinbase- and Circle-founded project that oversees the USDC stablecoin, has hired Wall Street veteran David Puth as its new CEO I have USDC in my coinbase account but how do i buy AMP with it. Very strange that there is no option for converting USDC to AMP considering That USDC is a renowned stable coin. 2 comments. share. save. hide. report. 50% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Sort by. top (suggested) level 1 . Mod · 1d. This subreddit is a public forum. For your security, do not post. Eine Coinbase-eigene USDC-Stablecoin. Im Gegensatz zu den meisten Börsen verwendet Coinbase seinen USD Coin (USDC), den das Unternehmen zusammen mit Circle herausgibt. Es ist ein vollständig regulierter, transparenter und verifizierbarer Stablecoin mit regelmäßigen Audits. Coinbase-Karte. Coinbase-Kunden aus dem Vereinigten Königreich, Spanien, Deutschland, Frankreich, Italien, Irland und.

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24.10.2018 - Der Trend bei Kryptowährungen hin zum Fiat-besicherten Stablecoin scheint sich fortzusetzen. Coinbase und Circle Pay kooperieren, um den USD Coin (USDC) zu fördern 04.10.2019 - Hey Bitcoin Fans, Willkommen zur Bitcoin-Informant Show Nr. 721. Heute geht's um folgende Themen: Passives Einkommen mit USDC auf Coinbase, Blockchain Act Liechtenstein & Blockchain com Coinbase Pro users can view the order book for any trading pair but can only trade on the order books available in their country as outlined in the table above. As the availability of trading pairs is a function of compliance with local regulators, we are unable to make exceptions. Exceptions in the US. Coinbase Pro is only available in states. Coinbase Pro adds new order books for Basic Attention Token (BAT), Cardano (ADA), Decentraland (MANA), USDC

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Live-Kurs-Chart für DAI/USDC Coinbase. Preisstatistiken für verschiedene Zeiträume, Orderbuch, Neuigkeiten und Trollbox Circle, Coinbase announce USDC stablecoin update. Circle, a peer-to-peer technology that enables payments in cryptocurrency and San Fransisco based exchange Coinbase announced that they have upgraded the USDC stablecoin protocol and its smart contract. Both Circle and Coinbase are members of the Centre Consortium that manages USDC Der Prozess für die Einzahlung erfolgt unkompliziert Preisprognosen für das Ethereum 2018 und schnell.Kann man mit Bitcoin Geld verdienen?de - das Blog für Bitcoin und ander USDC is the second largest stablecoin, currently boasting a marketcap of $1.4B and counting. It is managed by the Centre Consortium, an entity comprises of Circle (founder), Coinbase, Bitmain and many more, with Circle and Coinbase being the issuers of USDC. Stablecoin Supremacy. It is no secret that stablecoins are in huge demand these days. Dubbed USDC Rewards, the program will offer users 1.25% APY for each USDC they deposit on Coinbase. The dollar-pegged stablecoin itself is backed by CENTRE, the cryptocurrency consortium founded by Coinbase and Poloniex-owners Circle. As crypto adoption continues to spread, it's our goal to deliver more ways for anyone to legally and securely do more with their crypto, beyond trading.

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Trade and chart with live market data for ZECUSDC on Coinbase Pro within the Cryptowatch trading terminal Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is expanding trading in the dollar-pegged stablecoin USD Coin (USDC) to 85 nations worldwide. In a blog post Tuesday, the firm said it now offers crypto-to-crypto. Coinbase and Circle jointly announced today the launch of Circle's ERC-20 stablecoin, the USD//Coin or USDC, on Coinbase.This is first stablecoin to be listed on the exchange, which is the U.S.'s largest The stablecoin market has become exceedingly crowded over recent years — but USD Coin has aimed to stand head and shoulders over competitors in several ways. For Coinbase USDC operations, all the standard fees apply. Please follow the steps to buy USDC here. If you would like to know where to buy USD Coin, the top exchanges for trading in USD Coin are currently Binance, Huobi Global, OKEx.

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